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I was wondering should we turn our ad-blockers off or put tsu.co to whitelist, so the ads on the site would show and generate more revenue to tsu?


I have always done that, tsu.co is on my whitelist and ad-blocking is disabled while I visit the site, but began to wonder if people actually do that or not and does it make any real difference?


I remember last winter seeing few posts about the topic (i.e turn off ad-blockers) but nothing since. Those posts were user made, not official tsu posts. If it helps it should be posted repeatedly and on howtotsu group also.





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I turn it off for Tsu and a few other sites I like. With some ads the site gets paid if you just see them. Others need you to click them. I do click some ads on Tsu if they are interesting, but it rarely leads to me buying anything.


What I don't like are the video ads that slow things down, or even worse if they start playing audio. I wish I could just block those.


The Android app shows a full-screen ad now and again. Some of those have audio. A lot of the ads in the general stream in the app are very generic and just say 'Download!' without saying what they are for. I would never click those.

I'm mainly on Steemit. Check out WowApp for messaging that pays.

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Definitely we should not use adblock on tsu if we want to see some revenue coming to the platform. I remember I've read something about this in www.tsu.co/terms but I can't find it now. Maybe it has changed over time. It was saying we should turn off ad-block on tsu.


That's probably the only website I have on whitelist :)

If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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