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Tom Peace

Tsu has 4 Million users

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It's less than a year when tsu was officially launched to the public and we have reached 4 million users. It has come sooner than expected, as Steeve said. The latest wave in Pakistan helped a lot - there is a Pakistani TV producer and celebrity Waqar Zaka who has attracted tens of thousands of users in less than a week.


If you are curious who is the magical member with id 4.000.000 you can find him here - http://www.tsu.co/sulemanaliali:)


I think this is a small reason to celebrate as 4M users is a great milestone, especially for invite-only website which is censored from Facebook and Instagram. The message is spreading despite the will of some very powerfull companies.



If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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    • By Tom Peace
      I have found an interesting fact about these four users:

      ...if you click on people they follow, you will get exactly the last 1000 users that joined tsu. They probably try to follow people based on their ID.


      The first in their follow list is the newest member of tsu, it's that simple.

    • By Samaalir
      please add lobby chat or something    
      It just feels like the users isn't connected because we can't talk to each other or anything you know what I mean?  


    • By miuraquel
      Dear friends,


      after the festivities of Christmas, I'm afraid my views average, alojg with the income, took a hard fall, into about 15-20 cents per day, and only 500-1000 vies


      I noticed a lot of friends gave up on TSU, even people who were very active and interesting. I don't have enought time to check and rebuild my friends list, so I suppose of the almost 5000 people, only  about 800-1000 are actually checking their profiles, which is a bit uncourageing.


      Hope to get back up soon


      M. Raquel Santos

    • By nrdsantos
      Dear TSUfriends,


      When I first joined TSU, I kept accepting friend requests and adding anyone who posted something nice. I quickly reached 5000 friends and went on the hit the 0,3 to 0,4 USD per day. After Christmas/New Year, I started noticing that my posts were receiving about 50-60 views, instead of the previous 100-150. I assumed this was because of the season, but then noticed it kept that way, with the revenue also going down to about half. So I start searching my friends list only to notice that more than half of the original friends were away from TSU for about 10-30 days. I started deleting them and placing new friends in their places, but this time really basing it on the quality and frequency of posting. Also I deleted a lot of religious/political extremists, XXX-photos publishers etc. I think the only way TSU is going to be a thing is if we value quality over quantity. From there, creating interactive friends lists, great posts, comments etc, will be the next logical step. Already saw a little increase in views, but still a long way to go... Come on TSU!



    • By Top Tsū Girls
      I think these are more important than the users with 5k. The reason is that we still have a chance to became friends with the '4k friends' members!  


      A lot of the people that reach the 5k, usually they turn off the Friends option, and there goes the 'chance of a life'  


      With 4k friends we now they are active, and the 'golden spot' is still available 


      I'll start sharing as I find users with +4k friends. Do the same please  



      Top Tsū Girls