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In this section, we can post all sorts of earnings. If you see some interesting screenshot of tsu bank statement of some user, you can post the link here.


This can be very useful because of two reasons:

  1. We will gradually create big database of proofs that tsu works. For example, you can show this part of forum to your friends if they have some doubts.

  2. These screens may be great inspiration for all of us - just by seeing what is possible to earn, we can remove our limits in our minds :)

I would just make 1 rule to this section - post only earnings higher than $1. I think it'll be good to have this threshold so the section won't be overloaded with $0.05 earnings, etc. Which is something that almost every user can achieve after some time on tsu. There is no need to prove this sort of earnings. 


Good idea from Steve was to also attach the number of foriends and followers to the post. This can be good source of info if we look at the screenshots in the future.

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I just missed the dollar again today after reaching 2000 followers. I know most are not viewing my posts. Really wonder how much my network contributes as I don't see much activity there, but old posts may still be getting views and making something. If only we had a breakdown of where the money comes from, but that would encourage people to try and game the system more. I'm doing okay and I will get to $100 in a few months. You can be sure I'll be sharing that news everywhere :)

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Congrats! How many views you get on average day if that is not secret?

I've had a couple of days recently with around 1000-1300 views on around 12 posts thanks to the shares I got. I don't think I get much from network despite having over 1000 people there. I've had a couple of recent children who are trying with some encouragement from me. I hope they will keep going. I alway make it clear that the money does not come easily, hence on of my latest posts.




I think some people are just lucky to get a child who actively recruits. It helps if you have the right contacts. If recruit a lot of musicians, models or other media people then you can do really well. I don't imagine I can get a massive following for myself. I'm impressed I've even got to 2000, but I know most of those are inactive.


There's some chance I'll reach $100 by the end of the year. Once I get paid I'll be telling the world :) 

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