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  1. Tom Peace

    Tom Peace

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    • By Jack143
      Youface - Social & Payment Network

      A social network is a good alternative tsu.co. You get money for activities and invited friends via your link. The entire network while working as facebook.
      After registering, you will find your earnings at: https://youface.cz/setting/affiliates  (There you will find even your affiliate link)
      You can try out for yourself
      App Youface for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.youface.cz
      App Youface for Windows: http://bit.ly/2cVw0j6
      You can register here: https://youface.cz/?ref=jbocek
    • By Martin
      Hello Everybody 
      Are you on TSU? This is good and what about your followers on other social networks? Do you have followers on Twitter and Instgram, invite them to TSU
      TSU social network in only one place where you get paid for your creativity and your work. Are you creative already? Do you post pictures on Instagram? Ok, but why Instagram?
      TSU social network is real network because we build it and we get some money for it, some kind of business or just you getting money for something you are using for free normally. 
      Join TSU, invite people around you and have fun
    • By steevc
      It seems that the block has been lifted! My posts that were previously removed by Facebook are back. Tsu have not restored the option to cross-post there, but people should be able to post their invitation link on FB. I hope to see a boost in new users now.
    • By Tom Peace
      It's been a month since the last press about tsu and maybe another wave is here. WhatsApp - a mesagging service owned by Facebook - is now blocking its direct competitor Telegram. Telegram claims to have 50M active monthly users so this censorship can generate quite a lot of buzz. Articles reporting about this censorhip mention tsu as well. Good for us...
    • By Tom Peace
      By creating your own Facebook page, you can simply share all the posts from your tsu feed directly to Facebook. If you add 'Register button' people who visit your page will register with your Short Code. 

      1. Create your own Facebook page
      How to create Facebook page (3 simple steps) See tsuforum's Facebook page (you can have this, too!)  
      2. Add register button 
      Add Register Button to your Facebook page (it should look like the picture below)
      3. Link your Facebook page with tsu
      See this simple tutorial to link your accounts (by doing this, you can post on Facebook directly from tsu)
      then, your Facebook posts will include tsu Invitation:
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