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Your account has been banned.

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Your activity on tsu.co has been flagged as inappropriate as a result of violating our terms and conditions. Your tsu account has been temporarily suspended.

Here are some examples of activity that is grounds for banishment:

  • violating copyright law by posting content belonging to someone else without their permission
  • begging for followers ("follow me", "f4f", "share 4 share" or similar comments)
  • suggesting to other users ways to increase your bank account together
  • misrepresenting how much you can make on tsu.co
  • posting pornographic or otherwise inappropriate material

If this is your first violation and you were unaware of the rules, you may make an appeal for your account to be reinstated. To do so, please review the terms and conditions here and the reply to this email to confirm. Also, state your request to be reinstated.

Please keep in mind that tsu is a platform that rewards users for high quality, original content, and authentic engagement.


How and who to contact to get me to unblock the account. Since I used #follow this is my first time! Thank you in advance for the quick reply!
 really want to continue to use tsu and be with friends! 

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but its "Your tsu account has been temporarily suspended." ? I must create new acc? I wont my old beck! What should I do after "here"? I have reviewed all the mail sent to one or two links that are there. But my account is still blocked. Please give me some help. :huh:  Since I really tried everything.

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If your account has not yet be reinstated, write to support@tsu.co.

I have had my TsuFanZine account banned and had to start over... it can be done but it is a pain.

Tsu is growing and the staff need to figure out how to manage so many postings. They don't yet have a concept of forgiveness and new users can get into trouble for all sorts of things which are not written down anywhere.



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