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    • By Samaalir
      Slowly i'm mr Slowly xD     
    • By elektro
      25 TSU SHARE

      1. Include your invite URL in a Facebook status.

      2. Add your invite URL to your Facebook profile (about me) page.

      3. Include your invite URL in a Twitter status.

      4. Add your invite URL to your Twitter profile.

      5. Include your invite URL in a Google Plus status.

      6. Add your invite URL to your Google Plus profile (about me) page.

      7. Include your invite URL in a Linkedin status.

      8. Add your invite URL to your contact information section on Linkedin.

      9. Pin your tsu images on Pinterest and add your invite URL.

      10. Add your invite URL to your Pinterest profile.

      11. Post your invite URL on your favourite forum and let people know why you love tsu.

      12. Email family and friends to let them know how tsuperb this new social network site is (either use the built in feature or email your invite URL through your regular email client)

      13. Use tsu's built in feature to also post to Facebook and Twitter (when people click to view the post they will see your sign up page)

      14. Engage with relevant blog posts (about social media, technology, making money) , add value to the discussion with a thoughtful comment and give people the chance to sign up to tsu by using your link. (you can start by typing the following into Google: inurl:blog intitle:social networks)

      15. Add your invite URL to your email signature.

      16. Add a link to your invite URL from your website or blog.

      17. Send your invite URL to Skype contacts.

      18. Send your invite URL to other IM services (Msn, Yahoo etc)

      19. Tell your colleagues about tsu and offer to send them an invite.

      20. Tell your boss about tsu and offer to send an invite. Should the business have a tsu account?

      21. Share your Tsu posts to Facebook and Twitter too using the built in feature (this will include a link to your post which may drive sign-ups).

      22. Add your invite URL to a forum signature where you participate.

      23. Send your invite URL via text message to your phone contacts.

      24. Add your invite URL to offline printed media (if you are a business)

      25. Graffiti your invite URL to walls and bridges (ok, of course I'm joking with this one, but get creative online and offline and you'll soon start to see your network grow!)

      The most important thing, do not lose focus that this repeat from day to day, and teach your children to do the same (example, no whip)!
    • By elektro
      Places to advertise:

      Strong Business Alberta British Columbia Manitoba - Free Local Classified Ads

      Site Promotion Kiev, website promotion Kiev, Ukraine.


      - - PennySaverUSA

      itsmymarket.com - classifieds, local news, community events

      Log in - Classified Ads

      Registration Success- Classifieds For Free

      craigslist: choose new password

      eBay Classifieds: My Ads

      Free Local Classified Ads

      Everywhere registration is required, but is free advertising. A small suggestion: if you feel better you specify a single password for all classifieds. This should be the most visited classifieds, if you know some more to send.

      And do not put too many ads at once, it usually has a counter effect.
    • By elektro
      To set a good post on TSU often use a variety of programs. My desire is to publish them here and comment. We learn from each other, let's communities.


      Here I suggest editing software, easy to use and free. Jing I use, and below you can see one of the ideas. Be creative and I hope that will help you grow your network. (P.S. on page Download the first link ).


      Here's an example of what it looks like picture decorated with this program.



    • By elektro
      Look at this graph earnings at TSU. You will not believe what happened after my approach to tsuforum!

      So my recommendation is: Join us on tsuforum
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