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    • By steevc
      Post by @antlong yesterday


      "The new notification system has just been rolled out! 

      There's a ton of changes including no more 30 notification limit, intelligent grouping, a daily email digest, and more. "




      Is anyone seeing this. I still only see 30 notification. Also I've turned off the one for likes of posts, but I still get it sometimes.


      The email digest could be interesting if it goes to everyone, including those who have not visited in a while. It may tempt them back.

    • By Ton
      Found this interesting article on this blog "maximizesocialbusiness.com"


      An Eye-Opening Look into the New Tsu Social Network


    • By elektro
      Tsū’s algorithm automatically tracks, measures, and distributes revenue to the appropriate user and their Family Tree. At a high level, 90% of revenues are distributed to users. To maintain the platform, tsū receives 10%. To see how this breaks down, let’s take a look at 4 users, all with varying start dates on tsū:
      User A invites user B, who invites user C, who invites user D
      Part 1
      - $100 of earned revenue is generated based on the content user D shared (photos, videos, status updates, etc.)
      Part 2
      - 90% of earned revenue go to the users. In this case, $90 of the $100 is shared with all the users.
      - tsū takes 10% of the $100 for platform fees. In this case $10.
      Part 3
      - User D, the original content creator takes 50% of the $90. In this case, $45.
      - User C gets 33.3% (1/3) of the original $90 generated. In this case, $29.70
      - User B gets 11.1% (1/3 of 1/3 = 1/9) of the original $90 generated. In this case $9.99
      - User A gets 3.70% (1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 = 1/27) of the original $90 generated. In this case $3.33
      - This is what we call the rule of infinite thirds.

      The only social network that shares profits, wow. Take from another if you can,  click on the signature and join!
    • By elektro
      For the first time in the history of one social network divides his earnings with members. When I heard about it I said: "ugly joke, who would have shared their money with me?". When asked "have you heard of TSU?", I did not know what it is.But being a skeptic means check something. And I decided to check on'll tell my friends, is worth the effort.

      I found a lot of good sides of new social networks and began a series of friendships. I saw great posts and admired the ingenious authors, here I have not experienced discomfort or envy, and my impression is that this is a collection of bright individuals in good tinkered community.

      As of this moment more was not my earnings in the first place, I prefer the attitude with good people. TSU is a social network that encourages socializing and creates strong bonds, because there I spend more and more time. Do you want to experience the atmosphere that you must have an invitation, perhaps this is the reason. You are not going to call the enemy in your network, you will call relatives and friends, right?

      Be my friend and take up your invitation.
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