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Royalty distribution late again?

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I'm not sure what is going on.. my account with overy $69 was "banned"  - They say I used I bot.  I know I did not and apparently there is no recourse.  So Tomas, I'm really sorry that @Wateraid is not going to see that cash.


So, this is the second time a relatively successful account has been banned.  The first time I was banned for "spamming" because I let people know I sent a Friend request.


Personal and professional opinion - Tsu's a bit shaky to build a business upon - on average they are down about an hour every other day.  Given the arbitrary nature of deleting posts and comments (eg they only get removed if reported), some users who put "please follow me" messages get banned, others keep going.   


Revenue: In terms of "royalites", I was averaging about 1,200 views per post and earning about $1.80 per day (I broke $2.30 one day when I did very little "sharing" of posts).


So my model was built on 1m followers (and yes, I believe you have to keep trying to attract new followers so that you have a hope of breaking 1,000 views per post).

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It was back to normal today. I checked when I got up here in the UK and I had my 8c :) That's typical for me at the moment, but a great improvement from the days where I had to wait days to get another cent. I expect it was just some software issue they had to sort out. I program for a living, so I know the sort of things that can happen.

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I don't think we've hit this problem for a while, but 'monetization' has been late for the last couple of days. It's usually in by 8am GMT. I suspect it's issues with the process that allocates the money. I would not be surprised if it takes a few hours to run and they don't commit the results until they are happy that it all adds up. There may be cases where this is not the case and they have to adjust something before running it again. I just wish they would tell us what is happening.

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6 minutes ago, huanst123 said:

Tsu are they scared with huge number of members? They very much account suspended, with the ridiculous reasons, actually they do not violate :) I feel disappointed about them.

What do you think they are scared of? I've not heard people complaining of being banned recently. There were some ages ago accused of using 'bots' to cheat on views, but that seemed to blow over.

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Just now, steevc said:

Bạn nghĩ gì họ sợ? Tôi đã không nghe mọi người phàn nàn về việc bị cấm gần đây. Đã có một số lứa tuổi trước cáo buộc sử dụng 'chương trình' để lừa trên quan điểm, nhưng điều đó dường như thổi qua.

Maybe in your country do not see this situation. In our country has recently happened many cases like it. They did not give a plausible reason unjustifiably suspended not appeal to others :)

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My money arrived in the end. I wonder if it will be at this time from now on.


From what I have seen a lot of accounts ought to be suspended as all they do is to post random images with no attribution and the only comments they get are variations on 'nice'. Those accounts should not be earning anything, but the owners will probably get refused payment when they get to $100. I realise that many users will not read the Tsu terms and many would not understand them anyway, but such users need to be told that they are doing it wrong.


If you think that your account was obeying the rules, but it still got blocked then you should contact support to make your case. I'm afraid we cannot do much to help here.

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