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We need a "last activity" button

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I would like to suggest a "last activity X hours/days/months ago" to show below our friends name in the friends list. It could even be improved by allowing us to select to view friends by activity status.


This would improve very much the site since I calculate that about half (or more) of my friends are inactive, and I'm not getting all I could from the site because of it and I have no easy way to select and replace them by active ones (I have to open one by one, and the list is too long and the page tends to "crash" after a while. I had 5000 friends, I've been able to ONE BY ONE delete more than 800, but it just takes too long, it's just too hard and discouraging. I believe it may result on some people just giving up on the site because, well, who has the time to open friends one by one to take the best out of the site?


Please just give us a "last activity" button so that you don't lose the users that are active because most of their friends are inactive and they have no easy way to replace them.


Thank you!

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Maybe tsu wants to keep the engagement as authentic, as possible. If there were many tools to organize your friends, it would lost its social network function. It would become just social network for webmasters, not for real people with real connections.

I don't see how forcing us to have inactive friends in our list is a positive thing!... it is not for webmasters, it's just a button to tell us when was someone last activity so that we could see how active they were and choose to keep them, or not, as friends... I think it would be a really good improvement!

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      I am removing inactive accounts from my friends list, it's quit a job and it's painful to see how many left the building, I am trying to stay positive, lol, not easy

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