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    • By @XP116LLON
      My name is Stephen Smith and I humbly greet you all.
      I live and work in Johannesburg, South Africa.
      My wife, Marian, and I are the founders of the wonderful Tsu Charity, The Papillon Foundation @XP116LLON
      We registered the Charity in 2002 and since then it occupies all of our time.
      Papillon has some amazing successes, even though it is run on a shoe-string.
      It is my pleasure to be a part of this forum.

    • By Martin
      Hey all TsuForum users
      I ve noticed lately that some Children of my Children arent actually in the network. Why? They got inivation link but they try to find some info about TSU, they start new page tus.co and referreal is gone. This problem should be solved, I think I lost already 5 people in Network.
      So if you send welcome message to new people, this invitation part mention more but it has only little effect.
    • By steevc
      I was looking through the charities deciding which to donate to and I see that some have been inactive for some time, some as long as a year. I know that some of them have made a lot of money from Tsu, so why would they not at least post something? Maybe those did not get so much and gave up on it. I am more likely to give to the active ones.
      There are at least 62 charities on Tsu now according to http://www.tsu.co/charities/following. They represent a lot of countries now, but I think they need more so that people can donate to a local charity. I've heard that all they need to do is to send details of their charity registration to Tsu. We should encourage our local charities to join up.
    • By Wulan Anatasya
      Untuk mendapatkan Children dan Network mesti harus ada kemauan dan usaha dengan memanfaatkan waktu senggang, misalnya dengan mengundang/ mengajak rekan2 kalian untuk bergabung dengan TSU. Selama ini saya lebih banyak mengundang lewat pasang iklan di Group2 FB, Google+, Twitter dll.

      Saya juga sering pasang iklan dibeberapa media online sambil baca berita, di kolom komen saya sisipkan iklan Tsu, tapi sebelum pasang iklan anda mesti login dulu ke FB, langkah ini sangat efektif dan boleh anda coba.

      Ini media online yang sering saya pasang iklan:
      dan masih banyak yg lainnya silakan cari sendiri.

      INI CONTOH IKLAN SAYA (silakan di copas) :
      "TSU, JEJARING SOSIAL BUSINESS MASA DEPAN" Unggah gambar anda di Tsu maka Dollar akan mengalir ke "Rekening Bank Tsu Anda" ini karena 90% keuntungan Tsu dibagi ke pengguna, jadi aktifitas anda di Media Sosial tidak mubazir. Setelah daftar buka email dan lakukan aktivasi, kemudian login ke TSU lalu lengkapi Profil anda. Daftar http://www.tsu.co/wulanyp (silakan ganti dengan link anda).
      Sumber : Komunitas Tsu Indonesia (Putu Sudaya)