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How to get 5-20 Friend requests / followers in about 5 minute

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Really simple but useful trick on how to get 5-10 firend requests and followers in about 5 minutes.


In the next five minutes after i was done recording this video i had another 10 friend requests and another follower.


Sorry for the bad audio. I will try to find a better recording solution.




Im not sure if i should post this on my tsu wall. I got a content warning the other day saying that tutorials concerning earning tips are not allowed. I don´t know if this falls under this criteria.

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Thanks for posting this.  As you say, you need to redo the audio.  It sounds like you are speaking through a voice transformer or underwater.  I suggest you also use the traditional presentation format - eg - 1.  Tell them what you are going to tell them.  2.  Tell them and 3 Tell them what you told them.


As I understand it, your method is simply liking a lot of posts in your feed - eg like everything for 4 to 5 minutes.


I'm a little confused because if they are in your feed, then you are either already friends or you are following them already.  


For someone new who doesn't have many friends, their feed won't be as rich as yours - eg with a lot of people with whom you have not connected.


My second suggestion is to use "standard" English - we have a lot of people on Tsu for whom English is their second or third language...  So using simple words, repeating the sentences, speaking a little slower than normal will help them comprehend your message.  


My third suggestion is to use a picture summary at the end to highlight the key points....  and your @Jumowa + plus your name.... 


I hope that this helps.... the videos I have reviewed thus far have been either "me me me"  or too fast/colloquial for 2nd language English users to follow.  I'd love to promote someone from this forum than build it myself!



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Even slower? I already took my time talking. Any slower and i will sound sarcastic :P. Any suggestions of what screen recording tool to use?


What do you mean by standard english?

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Standard English -  what I mean is to use words which mean the same thing in every country...  eg fag in the UK meant cigarette, in the US it meant homosexual... etc.  When I used to lead training courses, we generally used words of 3 or fewer syllables, etc.  I'm not sure of the current norm, but you could google it  https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=english%205000%20most%20common%20words 


You might also try listening to Kevin's and other's tutorials and note how many times they are off topic, mumble etc.  I would ask them what screen recording tool they use, but I think most people point a video camera at the screen and simply use the basic recording functionality in Windows/Apple.


The problem is the raw voice material... you need a slightly higher bit rate/channel of recording.  But that is minor.


I suggest you write out your script in its entirety.  Make your sentences into phrases of up to 10-12 words and intersperse with rhetorical "yes" questions (Can you see that?) and the road map - (The next step....)   .  Modulate your voice - eg if you are asking a question, your voice should rise at the end. (many women do this all the time which is why no one knows if she is telling them to do something or asking whether they want to do something).  Make sure you NEVER have an "UMM" or "ERRRRR" (yes, it is a pet peeve of mine).  


Maybe consider having two speeds - eg Now I will summarise quickly all the key points, versus the speed of explaining what you are showing them.  


I hope this helps.  It might feel like I'm telling you how to crack eggs to make an omelette....  my apologies.



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Hi,  I'm just checking in on the video.....  I'd like to include it as an embedded video on a web page if you would be willing...  Let me know - aim to get something out by end January.

sure, include it. More traffic is good traffic :). thank you  :)

Follow me on the8app: @JUMOWAForget Skype and Whatsapp: Get paid for chatting on WowApp

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