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What makes a good Friend?

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I've been thinking about this issue for quite some time.  


When I first joined Tsu, a lot of people de-friended me saying they only wanted to Friend people they knew, and therefore I had to follow them instead to see their feed (eg the things they posted)...


As I approached the 1,000 friend level, it became very apparent to me that Friends are more valuable than Followers because there is the reciprocity of seeing each other's posts.  


Now that I have 5k friends, my feed is constantly full - eg every couple of minutes there are at least 500 more posts... and it is the luck of the draw whose posts I see.  


The solution I've come up with is to open up the pages of everyone who is usually active....  unfortunately I might not be opening up their pages when they have active posts.  For me, there is little point in liking or commenting on an older post - eg 2+ hours old.


So my question is whether this is enough?  What do you think?  



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I decline most friend requests as they are not posting anything interesting (if at all). I don't have time to check individual feeds. I'm only seeing stuff from around 50 friends and follows. Until they add lists/groups/whatever it's not realistic to follow hundreds and actually read stuff.

I'm mainly on Steemit. Check out WowApp for messaging that pays.

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Steve, that is good advice for someone with a plan like yours.  I don't believe that Tsu will bring in Lists/Groups/Circles any time soon.


So for me, I keep the list of my Friends and Followers in a spreadsheet.  Its' the best way for me to track when they were last active.  And you will see that I have removed many inactive friends over the past week.  I hope by New Year's Day to have it all organised and then I'll do the task once a month.



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    • By marusy80
      how can i see who i sent friendship and he dont respond? because after i add 10 freiend tsu say that i have reach the limit and i think i have much friend requestes who dont respond 


    • By Confluencemedia
      I am removing inactive accounts from my friends list, it's quit a job and it's painful to see how many left the building, I am trying to stay positive, lol, not easy

      I went from 2200 to 1700 now, still not finished, at least 1/4 has become inactive in the last 2 weeks. 


      How are you experiencing this?

    • By Top Tsū Girls
      I think these are more important than the users with 5k. The reason is that we still have a chance to became friends with the '4k friends' members!  


      A lot of the people that reach the 5k, usually they turn off the Friends option, and there goes the 'chance of a life'  


      With 4k friends we now they are active, and the 'golden spot' is still available 


      I'll start sharing as I find users with +4k friends. Do the same please  



      Top Tsū Girls 

    • By JUMOWA
      Really simple but useful trick on how to get 5-10 firend requests and followers in about 5 minutes.


      In the next five minutes after i was done recording this video i had another 10 friend requests and another follower.
      Sorry for the bad audio. I will try to find a better recording solution.
      Im not sure if i should post this on my tsu wall. I got a content warning the other day saying that tutorials concerning earning tips are not allowed. I don´t know if this falls under this criteria.
    • By TsuFanZine
      I keep a list of everyone with 5k friends.  It's hard to see across Tsu to find all of them so I'm asking for help to find them.  I'm going to start using a hashtag marked #Friends5k


      If you know of anyone with 5k friends, please forward their id to me and I'll add them to the list.  


      Why do I think this list is important?  I think the work involved in reaching 5k friends is phenomenal and I believe deserves some recognition.  Tsu don't (yet) keep a list of have a way to find them.  


      Once you reach 5k the work doesn't finish and I'd like to attract them to this forum to discuss how to keep abreast of so many friends and followers.


      If you think this is valuable, please post the name and short name/url for anyone who is at 4950 or above...  

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