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Tom Peace

Charity Water

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Charity Water is a non profit organization which wants to bring fresh and clean water to people who need it. Especially in Africa, and such places. There has been a huge support for Charity Water in early days of tsu with lot of people participating.


Probably one of the first bigger money on tsu that were given to a Charity.


tsu profile: https://www.tsu.co/charitywater

Twitter: http://www.charitywater.org/

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/charitywater

Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/charitywater

If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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I'm running (literally) an event in February for Charity Water. I'm sponsoring people in the Fun Runners group at 5c a mile all month. I'll pay out to the limit of my bank, but we may need a few more people to hit that.



I'm mainly on Steemit. Check out WowApp for messaging that pays.

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    • By @XP116LLON
      My name is Stephen Smith and I humbly greet you all.
      I live and work in Johannesburg, South Africa.
      My wife, Marian, and I are the founders of the wonderful Tsu Charity, The Papillon Foundation @XP116LLON
      We registered the Charity in 2002 and since then it occupies all of our time.
      Papillon has some amazing successes, even though it is run on a shoe-string.
      It is my pleasure to be a part of this forum.

    • By steevc
      I was looking through the charities deciding which to donate to and I see that some have been inactive for some time, some as long as a year. I know that some of them have made a lot of money from Tsu, so why would they not at least post something? Maybe those did not get so much and gave up on it. I am more likely to give to the active ones.
      There are at least 62 charities on Tsu now according to http://www.tsu.co/charities/following. They represent a lot of countries now, but I think they need more so that people can donate to a local charity. I've heard that all they need to do is to send details of their charity registration to Tsu. We should encourage our local charities to join up.
    • By Tom Peace
      I really like to see charities cashing out of tsu. http://www.tsu.co/PawPromiseRescue/69976254. Al Giordano's charity did made several hundreds of dollars in the first 6 weeks, too.


      All of that charity work on tsu is just great!


      I hope we will be able to donate @UnitedDonations at least $100 per month to charity until the end of 2015. So we could ensure cash out for 1 charity per month!

    • By TsuExpert
      You've no doubt heard of March Madness, the moniker given the time period during the annual NCAA college basketball tournament where 68 teams across the US are selected to play for college basketball's biggest prize - the National Championship.

      In that same spirit of comradery and competition, Tsu.expert has launched the 1st annual TsuMadness Tournament, except instead of basketball teams, Musicians, Celebrities, Athletes will compete to #PlayItForward towards a charity and become the Tsu Champion!

      Instead of taking it to the court, they will face off head-to-head on Tsu.co where users of the platform will vote for each matchup to decide who moves forward!

      How It Works:

      There are 4 divisions, Musicians, Charity, Celebrity and Athletes. People with active Tsu profiles have been selected for each division where they will compete to become the Tsu Champion.
      Each round offers an opportunity for Tsu members to participate and determine the outcome of each matchup which will be shared on the Tsu Madness Profile.
      Every matchup will have it's own unique post on the Tsu Madness Profile on Tsu. Any Tsu member can comment tagging the shortname of the person they would like to see win.
      Whichever personality has the most tags in that unique post, will be determined the winner. The winner(s) will move on to the next round, where they will face their next opponent.
      Once a champion has been named, 100% of the proceeds that have been earned through views and donations will be transferred to the Official Tsu Charity of the Champions choice.
      If by chance the winner of the Tsu Madness Tournament cannot be reached, the money will go to the Charity that does best in the Tsu Madness Tournament.
      What you can do to help! 

      The biggest way you can help is to participate in each matchup, voting and asking others to vote on each original post. This will help increase the money that is earned through Tsu.co's algorithm.
      Be sure to follow the Official Tsu Madness Tournament Profile on Tsu.co. If you do not currently have a profile on Tsu, Register Today!
      Anyone can donate to the Tsu Madness Profile and those donations will go towards the overall prize pool that the champion will earn.
      Keep in mind that the more views that each matchup/post has the more money that will be raised and transferred into a Charity of the winners choice! So be sure to engage the posts on the official @TsuMadness profile page!
      Please consider helping to promote this event to your friends and followers on Tsu! Follow along on Tsu.co with the hashtags #TsuMadness #PlayItForward

    • By TsuFanZine
      Tomorrow I will be donating my earnings to date on @FanZine to @WaterAid... I'm so close to the $7 mark that I decided to wait until I reached it.


      Thanks all for your support whilst I've been visiting Mum...  she has a long road to recovery, but hopefully she will qualify for radiation therapy in the next month or so.  I know a lot of people put Obama Care down,  but without those 100 free days, there would have been no safety net for her and thousands like her that need time to process the changes to their lives.

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