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Tom Peace

C'est quoi le wowcoins?

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C'est quoi le wowcoins?


Les wowcoins sont une monnaie interne. C'est de l'argent réel. 100 wowcoins est égal à 1 dollar. 1 wowcoin est égal à 1 cent (0,01 dollar)

If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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    • By Tom Peace
      I don't know if many people has noticed this new feature > WowApp has added another industry which they share its profits from: WowApp games were introduced on 18th May, 2016. Since that moment, my income has almost doubled because people in my network just play games  There is more than 150 quite simple games in different categories and I have tried some, despite I don't play games. When writing this post, it is possible to play WowApp games only on desktop:

      I think there is quite big gaming community in the world and if they can develop few good games (or to partner with some), it could really help to get people to the platform. What amazes me is the speed of development on WowApp - seems to be much quicker than we can see on tsu. 
      Here is a screen of my earnings. The red dot is the date when WowApp games were launched. First few days I had almost no income from games but after week, people started to play and I'm curious if that trend will continue.

      And a little teaser - more ways to earn should come soon.