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POLL >>> What kind of WowApp earnings do you like the most?

POLL >>> What kind of WowApp earnings is the most popular for you?  

51 members have voted

  1. 1. What kind of WowApp earnings is the most popular for you?

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      The world is big with lots of countries. So I created a poll with a simple question - what part of the World is your home? We are all citizens of this beautiful planet and we have a great opportunity to connect each other, be friend with each other, help each other. All the contients, all the countries should be friends and helping each other. I think we will achieve this very soon with such an amazing technology called internet!

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      Feel free to create polls & surveys in this forum. I will show you a little tutorial how you can create your own poll:


      1. Start new topic

      2. On the right, you can see Manage Topic Poll:



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      What do all the boxes in Poll manager mean?


      -> Poll Title - almost self explaining. Just write the name for your poll

      -> Make votes public? - people will see how others have voted. So you can see how your friends voted, etc.

      -> Question - what do you want to ask for?

      -> Allow multiple choice? - if selected, people will be able to vote for more options. In this case, I would be able to vote that I come from both - planet Earth & planet Pluto

      -> Add Another Choice - self explaining...

      -> Add Another Question - you can ask more questions within 1 Poll.

      -> Finnished - Once you are happy with your poll, click Finnished. The poll will be saved and if you publish the topic you have created, people will see it and will be able to vote.

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