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Tom Peace

How popular is Minds

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I haven't checked Alexa rank of Minds.com for a while but it seems like this website was steadily growing over the past year. It's still in beta (not a final product) but if its growth will continue, it can become big. Why do I think it? Because it seems to be growing organically, not because of some hype - people seem to like the website and they find it valuable. And to be honest, I like it, too. They did a great job since I opened my account almost two years ago. _20170420_200215.JPG



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On 4/20/2017 at 9:50 PM, steevc said:

That's good growth, but I'm not hearing about it anywhere. USA seems to be the biggest market. What's their business model?


The only way I can see them making money is by selling points. Currently there is a price of $10 per 10,000 views and they claim it's a promo price to secure enough funds for future development (crowdfunding). There is also some monetization available for US customers - it doesn't work in my country - and I'm not sure if they take some % from advertising money displayed on your feed.

If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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      Bill Ottman, one of the co-founders of Minds.com is interviewed by Timcast:
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      If you were a member of TSU and you would like to know the truth about what really happen with TSU then please join us if you are already a member then simply add jeni-meeee as a contact. That platform is secure while this one is not as with most things on the Internet. If you were a member you probably are not even aware of what you lost so far and what you would have made in the future. We are and we do not plan to allow TSU to go softly into that good night. We the users owned 90% of TSU and the company chose to fight their battle on their own which was their only mistake. We will not let it die in vain and if we can we will even bring it back, God willing.
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      Many of us started to search for alternatives after a recent tsu shutdown and so I did, too. For some time, I have been following a development of a project which should satisfy all of us - content creators, content curators, marketers, networkers, average social media users, advertisers... The Synereo project has a huge potential and it solves many problems we see in social media today (compensation, privacy, spam, manipulation). It's designed to be easily scalable to the size of Facebook (in terms of data storage) and to the size of Visa (in terms of number of transactions on the network). {for tech people - they have solved all of the limitations of blockchain}
      It should also provide features that we can't even think about yet because people can build their own decentralized applications on top of the technological stack of Synereo.
      However, it is still not launched yet and the Alpha release is set to be launched in September 2016. So all of I'm writing in this post is a very, very early info, many questions will need to be answered and a lot of development need to be done before we can have a full featured social network. All I want is to start a discussion and if we all like it, we can help to shape the next generation social network together in September. In the meanwhile, feel free to discuss about it and ask questions.
      What is Synereo?
      I will describe all I know about Synereo with my own words and knowledge, hopefully as correctly as possible. Synereo could be described as an Android for decentralized web. It means they will to provide an infrastructure for decentralized apps. The first app built on top of this infrastructure is a decentralized social network. The next app can be decentralized Uber or Airbnb, it will be up to developers and their imagination what they can build. (Sky is the limit)
      The main advantage is that on Synereo, you can directly connect with other people and exchange the value without a middleman. These two aspects are very important because these days, everything we do on current Internet is through a middleman. For example, when we search on Google, talk with friends via Skype, Facebook, or if we book an accommodation on Airbnb - we always do it through a middleman. And when we want to send money to someone, we always need a bank - another middleman. And more and more often we lose a trust to these middlemen, either due to their attitude of "selling our data to the highest bidder", lack of privacy or just because of their greed.
      Synereo should be a social network, the first app build on scalable decentralized infrastructure, where we can directly connect with each other and exchange the value without a middleman. That is the most important aspect I can see in this project.
      Attention Economy & Reputation
      On the Synereo network, there is a built in economy that understands our attention as a scarce commodity and thus we should be paid if someone wants to reach our attention (and mainly - if we create a content that attracts attention of other people). In the network, there is a built in reputation system called REO and the higher our REO is, the more must an advertiser pay to reach our attention. Also the higher our REO is, the more people can see our content organically (it has a higher reach). This new economy and reputation system incentivize people to be a valuable part of their community. (end to the "nice" type of people?)
      The video below shows you the attention economy in action and it's just one of many possible scenarios. Please don't take the design of the tech demo seriously, the video is from April 2015 and it should only show you what is the attention economy all about. AMPs are the currency on the network and you can read about them below. The work with labels on the left and the people on the right is nothing else than work with hashtags and contacts (tagging).
      There is no $ or € on the network. The AMP is the name for a digital token which will power the Synereo economy. It's something like Bitcoin - a digital cryptocurrency which can be purchased on the exchange like Poloniex with Bitcoin. Bitcoin can be purchased with real money on many exchanges like Coinbase. I will do a tutorial about how to buy and safely store a cryptocurrency in the next few days. In the meantime, feel free to ask me anything and don't be scared about crypto - it's much better than $ as the value of AMPs will grow gradually with the real use of AMPs on the network.
      Advertisers will buy AMPs on exchanges in order to boost their campaigns or to amplify our content and it will drive real money into the economy. 
      Data Storage & Servers?
      Maybe you wonder who will provide all of the data storage, computing power and internet connectivity to run a global social network. Well, all of us can participate and earn AMPs for providing resources to the network. All you need to do is to install a small piece of software which will use your free disk space and free connectivity to power the network. These resources will make a decentralized cloud. And for providing resources to the network you will be rewarded with AMPs. It's very similar to Bitcoin mining.
      As there is no middleman, all data are encrypted and stored across the decentralized cloud and you are the only one who have the access & control over your data. 
      Advantages of Decentralized Social Network
      The main advantage - there is no single point of failure. The network can't be shut down, censored or manipulated. As long as you have the internet connection, you can access Synereo. All of its code is open source and the development is very transparent so everyone should do their own research to understand it as much as possible. Only this way you can build a trust into this technology and I recommend you such an approach.
      Synereo Alpha - Features:

      According to the official blog post (I recommend to read it), we can see these features in the first version of Synereo:
      Deployment of decentralized nodes on your local machines  Creation of private connections between users Text posting with featured image (hosted on the decentralized cloud) Content labels (#hashtags) Decentralized search capability by label and user Content amplification with test-net AMPs (expect more info about this and how test-net AMPs will be exchangeable for real AMPs) 3-tier content viewing: browse, expand, and full view AMP rewards for completing certain actions on the application, as well as for opting to report usage statistics relating to the attention economy  
      The Alpha version of Synereo will run with testing AMPs for a two months to ensure it will not put people's real money into risk without proper testing. So we should be able to play around and provide a valuable feedback to developers!
      In September, there will be a crowdsale to ensure funding of the development and everyone can participate in it. People will be able to purchase AMPs directly from Synereo at a price that should be "prevailed market price". More news should be available on the Synereo website soon.
      The Team Behind:
      (copied from Bitcointalk.org Synereo official thread):
      The Team  
          Dor Konforty - CEO, ARCHITECT
      Dor is an expert on collaboration on the net and the wisdom of crowds. Has a master’s
      degree in neurobiology from an interdisciplinary brain research program in Tel-Aviv
      University. A graduate of the Israeli Air Force computer unit. Has been living and
      breathing crypto since early 2011. A child of the Internet.     Anderson McCutcheon - CMO, B2B
      Andy comes from a diverse programming background, having served in IDF’s 8200 unit
      and developed real-time climate control & management systems. Having built several 
      successful communities, he has spent the last few years managing marketing for the 
      world’s biggest real money gaming brands. Loves lamp.     Yuval Adam - CTO
      Yuval is a full-stack technologist, experienced in building distributed web services,
      through deploying wireless mesh networks, to embedded systems development. Holds
      a B.Sc in Computer Sciences from Ben-Gurion University. Founded the Tel-Aviv chapter
      of CryptoParty, advocating for privacy and digital liberties.     Lucius Gregory Meredith - CSO, MATHEMAGICIAN
      Greg was the principal architect of Microsoft’s BizTalk’s Process Orchestration,
      sparking several industry standards including WSDL (of which Greg is a co-author).
      Greg holds many patents and has published many papers, including seminal papers
      on reflective higher-order calculi. Supports his math habit by working in computing.  
      Synereo White Paper - a document explaining the underlying concepts, principles and mathematics of Synereo. Synereo Alpha Going online - a blog post on official Synereo website. Bitcointalk forum - Synereo officials answer lot of questions there. Great resource! Synereo AMP price in USD Synereo YouTube Synereo Twitter Synereo Facebook  Official Website  
      Articles About Synereo:
      http://www.econotimes.com/Synereos-blockchain-based-social-network-to-enter-alpha-phase-in-September-263754 http://www.financemagnates.com/cryptocurrency/innovation/blockchain-powered-synereo-set-to-challenge-facebook-and-twitter/ https://cointelegraph.com/news/facelift-how-decentralized-social-networks-could-make-crypto-cool http://www.forbes.com/sites/ilyapozin/2015/04/10/meet-the-3-platforms-that-will-decentralize-the-web/#aefe7ba76a9b  
    • By steevc
      Seems there's a new kid on the social network block. https://steemit.com/ is based on blockchain and has its own cryptocurrency (Steem)
      Info at https://steem.io/
      I need to read up on it. You have to give your email address to go in the queue for an account at the moment.
      Against posts it shows a 'pending payout'. Some of these are thousands of dollars. I don't know how they could be worth that much. I just checked their Hypestat that had not been updated in 37 days. When I updated their daily income want from around $1 to $101. So they have about a third of traffic of Tsu http://steemit.com.hypestat.com/
    • By Tom Peace
      WowApp has been online since early November or late October I think. I have started tracking it's traffic in December because the amount of traffic didn't stop and I became more interested in this app, thanks @JUMOWA  So here you can see how is WowApp currently doing and the trend seems to be steady growth. I've read few days ago they have 500,000 users.
      7 December:

      8 December:

      9 December:

      10 December:

      12 December:

      13 December:

      14 December:

      15 December:

      16 December:

      26 December:

      27 December: