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15 minutes ago, blittle376 said:

How r u i am new wowapp i dont know how many wowcoins come to 1 dollar exmple 0.5000  it means this is half dollar and 1.5 it means 1 or half dollar im i right and tell me i have 20.00 wowcoins means 20 dollar can i cashout after 60days 


100 WowCoins = 1 US Dollar.

1 WowCoin = 1 US Cent. 


And yes, you can cash out only earnings older than 60 days. 

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11 hours ago, alexson said:

Is there any minimum cash out amount?


You only have to cover the cost of the transfer. As of now, early 2018, there are also different thresholds for different cashout methods:


Charity > starting from 10 WowCoins. (without charge) 

WowCredit > starting from 100 WowCoins. (without charge) 

PayPal, Bank transfer, Credit card > any amount as long as you cover the costs, like = $1 + 8%. 

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