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Wowapp Cash Out Before 60 Days

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4 hours ago, Farhan Tariq said:

Can i cashout of wowapp before 60days its posible and can i get cash of my acount in pakistan 


Hello Farhan,


you can only cash out after 60 days - I think it is required from advertisers. You can cash out by PayPal, Credit Card or Bank transfer - if any of those are available in Pakistan, you should be able to cash out.

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    • By Tom Peace
      After WowApp removed their minimum withdrawal amount, it seems many users get their money cashed out pretty quickly. This one claims to be paid within 1 day on PayPal:
      And this one within 2 business days on credit card:
      That is really fast and it must be automated because WowApp doesn't need to check users content. The last one claims to withdraw about 100 USD in three payments:
      Fingers crossed to this application, it seems like many people are cashing out now so I'm curious how it will impact the user growth in upcoming months.
    • By Tom Peace
      Good news for those who want to cash out from WowApp. They have removed the minimum of $20 for withdrawal so you can now cash out anything above the amout which covers the fees for transaction. 
      So if you want to withdraw $5 to PayPal, you will get $3.6. The fees for PayPal are currently $1 + 8% from the amount you withdraw.
      There is still need to wait 60 days before you can use the money so be aware of this.
    • By Tom Peace
      There is probably the first public payment proof on the WowApp Facebook account here - 
      I have already earned enough money to cash out, too but I will have to wait about 1 month more until my earnings become available earnings. Maybe it will take longer because I have already cashed out few dollars to my WowCredit (and maybe I will cash out more) to try their paid calls which are really great btw. For example - I've been able to call 18 minutes to UK landline from Asia for about $0.12 or something like that. And as a bonus, I recieved few wowcoins back. 
    • By Tom Peace
      Let's use this forum for collecting the proofs of real WowApp payments - if you see somewhere a proof that someone was paid, create a new topic about it. I think we can see first payments in the Q1 of 2016. The withdrawal limit of $20 is very benevolent, so we could see quite a lot of them in the next year.
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