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To who it may concern. I have been attending TSU In hopes of a better education.  I was lacking some pts to elevate my grade to where I wanted it to be. Therefore  was instructed that I could receive a higher grade in return for sexual trade.  I was like no I can't do that. But  through much persistence and talk finally agreed to it.   I know I am not the first and surely not the last to have these encounters.   I just know they should not continue.  I will have to inform my mother which I am not very happy to do so  I am sure that she will be livid.   But the Madness needs I stop.  I am sure there is no telling how much info on his office computer. I urge you to help stop this before it continues.  No one should have to receive an education in this  manner. Mr. Laflin should be stopped I have also forwarded info onto the news and proper authorities
Please help stop the Madness

I am posting this I'm hopes to every  else he has been involved or corrupted will step forward

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This forum is for tsu the former social network, not one of the various universities with that acronym. Sorry to hear about your problems, but you'll need to find somewhere else to report it.

I'm mainly on Steemit. Check out WowApp for messaging that pays.

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