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Hi former tsuers :),
I was curious about the8app and their future plans so I asked some questions and got some cool input from the8app's CEO Sue Fennessy
1. Q was - By when do you need to reach your creator numbers in order to not run out of money.
A: 8app team has some great marketing plans that will start in a couple weeks and does not plan to reach the point where they run out of money.
2. Q was - Do have have an idea how big the critical mass of creators would need to be to be self sustaining?
A: half a million active creators
3. Q was - tsu was growing wonderfully at the beginning and tsuers have been campaigning for it helping it grow every day. But we found out that 90% of the people we brought in, left again after a short time. What are your plans to make 8app explode on the market?
A: Sue listed several marketing projects they have been working on for some time with their investors, high influencers also colleges, and everything is ready waiting in the starting blocks about to go synchronized in several directions
That is were we will play a role and can help -> I have no confirmation yet about the exact date (I will know in a couple days or a week) but 8app may be setting up a specific day to hit the internet with their marketing projects - maybe September 8th?
For those of us who have good contacts from tsu, from who would be interested to join 8app, Sue suggested that if everybody, interested in 8app, campaigns for it on the same day and ofc beyond. It will be easier to go viral and people will notice the hype, from where it can start going viral and we all can use the collective momentum from where it can start growing.
I was also welcomed to share something additional with you which I find a great idea to keep creators motivated, creative and active: Brands will be working together with 8app and 8ters (users) will be able to create advertisement for brands which then will be sponsored if chosen. That way brand companies can help creative individuals and we the creators get ongoing opportunities. It will be like participating in our tsu challenges but the prizes will consist of sponsor ships on our content.
If this is the first time you hear about the8app, check out their profile for more info: https://the8app.com/user/8/s/119351
If you are not on the8app yet, you can register on their site. It does not matter whos link you use. 8app is not a multi level recruiting network so I am not getting money from you when you register but we can connect :)

Follow me on the8app: @JUMOWAForget Skype and Whatsapp: Get paid for chatting on WowApp

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