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Steem earning potential and initial thoughts

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I've been on steemit for a couple of days. So far I've done six posts and earned a couple of cents. I'm still trying to understand how it works. I don't think you earn from views as they do not have ads apart from on the search page. You earn when people up-vote your posts and that may depend on how much of the currency those people hold. The big players are known as 'whales'. Some posts are apparently worth thousands, but I don't think you can take all that out. They have 3 different types of currency and with the main one you can only take it out spread over 2 years. I understand this is to stop people speculating as they cannot predict what it will be worth when they actually get it. You can transfer amounts to other users, something like Tsu. So there could be a form of market.


Note that comments have a value as well as posts. You earn if your comments are voted up. You can also vote down (by flagging). That reduces the reputation of an account. They allow people to write 'bots' and some of these are annoying. Comments from low reputation users are initially hidden. Would have been good to have that on Tsu. They talked about having reputation scores.


There's also the possibility to 'mine' steem as people do with Bitcoin. They discourage mining pools and botnets by requiring that each PC has the private key of the account. So you would risk someone taking your money if it was on multiple computers. I've not tried this yet. I did transfer in a small amount of Bitcoin to boost my bank a little. 


The steem software is open source so people could contribute to it. There are also ways to access the data so people have created sites to show more stats and things like a notification extension for Chrome.


Posts are seen by Google, but then I think they need to be as they use it for internal search.


So my thoughts are that you wouldn't go here for a quick buck, but if you are into blogging and the technology then it's an interesting experiment to be part of.


You can find me at https://steemit.com/@steevc

I'm mainly on Steemit. Check out WowApp for messaging that pays.

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    • By steevc
      The Steem currency behind Steemit reached one year old last month. I think Steemit itself will reach that age later this month. User growth has been steady, but not as epic as it was on Tsu and a lot of new accounts are actually bots. I'm still not sure how those will make money as they won't have enough influence to make much from voting.
      The latest news includes:
      Steemit has a marketing team. Not much from them yet, but I hope they will work to make more people aware of what this system can do for them The Steemit software was updated to introduce some new features this week. We now get paid for a post after 7 days and this is based on stats over 30 days. This means that we are likely to get less whilst those stats are gathered over the next 30 days. It's no reason to panic. One of the founders left Steemit. I understand this was over disagreements about licencing the platform. He wanted it to be more open  
      I still believe Steemit has a future. It's different to most other sites that pay as it doesn't depend on advertising. It's more like Bitcoin where the currency has a value because it is useful. The Steem value has varied a lot and is unpredictable. That applies to most cryptocurrencies and the market has been pretty crazy lately.
      There's a good community there. I just wonder how it will change if millions sign up. We may see a flood of spam and it will have to adapt to cope with that. I'm excited to see how it goes.
    • By steevc
      A few of the refugees from Tsu have made it over to Steemit. You may want to catch up with them there.
      https://steemit.com/@jumowa Jumowa joined a while ago, but has been posting recently and is doing well.
      https://steemit.com/@the-bitcoin-dood The dood brought me to Steemit. He's been posting about cryptocurrency, which is a hot topic there as you may expect.
      https://steemit.com/@uwelang Uwe just started posting again there.
      There are a few others who are not currently active. You may find some via the Tsu tag https://steemit.com/created/tsu
      It's going well for me. I made around $100 in the last week or so, but the Steem price is currently dropping. I have kept some in Steem Dollars which generally keep their value. I'm going to use some of that to buy things from other users.