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pity that TSU went down, ok, they didnt warn us, it was quick like my morning coffee, so the same speed I changed social media. I ve tried some social networks and Fliiby seems to be good, one month tryout is needed.


On Fliiby you have everything what you need, only one thing is really missing, writing texts, but ok, I can write it on Twitter. The important thing is to not use the blue whatever thing called Facebook. The idea, sharing of revenues, is modern and every network should have it, if not, we dont use it.


On Fliiby I like very much the sharing on TT and FB, it s easy like on TSU, but even on Fliiby you can share on TT with more words, ok, little benefit.


TSU was the best, but now we have at least something, if TSU was 100%, Fliiby be like 70%.


Try 2 or 3 networks, if you stay on Fliiby or want to join, use link in my signature ;)


Greeeetzzz :)

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btw. today I wrote to Fliiby support with many suggestions like on TSU haha, epic me, now they know I am here :DDD


..and else what is good on Fliiby? When you check your followings and followers, under name is the time of last activity, so it is very comfortable.

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Guest grithermann

Hello guys,


great to see you here after making my own experiences... ;-) Should have found this earlier.... Was looking for something else and find this forum - super idea!!


I had been on fliiby and was very active there... Indeed it is a very engaged young team and on my first day I had personally contacts to one of the founders... I couldn't believe at first... And yes, they keep their eyes and ears open to the users.


The reason why I left is that monetization is so less, that it is beyond words, although I had good running posts with a lot of views....

The second reason to leave was the flooding with notifications, you cannot stop or choose as on tsu: X (person you don't know) had written comment to the same post you had commented and several people had commented the comment of the other person....

And last point: most of the users are coming for a short click, that doesn't give any monetization...


So I look for other options like ClickASnap, which offers better monetization than tsu, but site is soooo slow and the8app, which will start monetization on 8th October....

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Interesting to hear your experience. I've not tried fliiby. If it's still new and fairly small then you cannot expect big rewards. Do they use an app or is it mostly web? Hypestat shows they don't get many views http://flii.by.hypestat.com/


Any site that doesn't let you control notifications will be annoying. I disabled several in Tsu so that I had some chance of seeing those that mattered to me. 


I enjoyed Tsu for the community I had there. I'm not going to use any site just for the money as I doubt I'll make enough to justify my time. I'm playing with Steemit and making a few dollars, but I'm not taking it out as I can use it to boost my influence there for now. There's some interesting content for me there and I get some feedback from people. I'm more interested in discussions than pictures, which seems to be the main attraction of some of the other sites that pay.


I hope you can find something that works for you.

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