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Join me on TSU ! (tsu invitation)

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Have you already heard for social network tsu? 

It is social network that shares 90% or reveue with active tsu users. That means you can earn money daily just by using this network same as any other social network. You can post your pictures,videos, links, status... and you recive views, likes, comments snd shares on those post, same as you can give all that to other users posts.  You can also connect tsu to your other social networks and post on them at same time! On tsu you can both follow people and add people as friends (you can disable that it you want) and send messages to other users (you can also strict your messages to friends only). You can post your content to topics and channels that are related to content that you post (nature, food, animals, news...). You can create your own channel as well. On tsu you earn by being active and using network but also you can earn from inviting people (you get procent of their daily earnings). On tsu you can participate in contest that other users make and earn money that way as well. They transfer you money via peer-to-peer option that you turn on in settings. You can transfer money to other users that way as well. You can also donate money to many verified charities that you can find on tsu. Tsu is comunity with many creative, well-meaning,great people so you will see many amazing content and Im sure you will be able to find many friends and start many great friendships on tsu. You can also use tsu to promote your work (if you are music artist, photographer, if you draw... ). There are many opportunities, its just up to you to use it the best that you can. 

So what are you waiting for? Join tsu now here: 


I will be happy to contact you after you join and help you to get to know tsu even better. 


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