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Notun Shopno

why my account was banned?

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My mistake was like that "#activeuser #originalcontents
Thanks @Sebastian for making tsu.co    this was my status with my own picture. When I posted several pics with this status, I did not notice that My pic was  not posted but tsu.co web pic was posted in 2 or 3 group unintentionally . It is  really shocking when I saw my account was  banned. Someone may be reported my account for this. But When I realized tsu.co in status made problem from android, I change tsu.co to only tsu. But in this time, My account already reported. 
Could any of you know what should I do for getting back my account ? 

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15 hours ago, vathsan said:

> Follow me/Follow you, Follow4Follow, language
> Begging for shares
> Misrepresenting the amount of money to be made on ts?
> Irrelevant repeated commenting
> Links to get-rich-quick sites

I did not do any of these . I  described what I did in post. I did not do any of those

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17 hours ago, vathsan said:

My tsu profile was banned 7 days ago. I received an email that my content was inappropriate or I was spaming. Neither is realted with my profile. I sent many e-mails to TSU with no response. I will appreciate if you could help me http://www.tsu.co/vathsan90


start with new account. Don't use Google images, post original content, teach other people to do the same. Read the FAQ and stop spamming this forum or you will get ban here, too.

If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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