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I don't know if many people has noticed this new feature > WowApp has added another industry which they share its profits from: WowApp games were introduced on 18th May, 2016. Since that moment, my income has almost doubled because people in my network just play games :) There is more than 150 quite simple games in different categories and I have tried some, despite I don't play games. When writing this post, it is possible to play WowApp games only on desktop:


wowapp games.PNG


I think there is quite big gaming community in the world and if they can develop few good games (or to partner with some), it could really help to get people to the platform. What amazes me is the speed of development on WowApp - seems to be much quicker than we can see on tsu. 


Here is a screen of my earnings. The red dot is the date when WowApp games were launched. First few days I had almost no income from games but after week, people started to play and I'm curious if that trend will continue.

wowapp games earnings.PNG


And a little teaser - more ways to earn should come soon.



If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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3 hours ago, Martin said:

Cool, this TSU needs, especiall the holdem poker haha. Now when I open wowapp, I see the bar "more ways to earn coming soon" idk what is it...


They want to add another industries where they can share profits from. Now, they have 1) Mobile advertising (Ad Me), 2) paid calls and 3) WowApp games. I've read in some interview they plan to have about 7-8 in the near future. So WowApp probably won't be just about chatting and calling, it can be completely new economy and ecosystem.

If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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Interesting. I'm not sure my small Wow network are still active as I earn a tiny amount each day. I've said in the past that Tsu should consider games. I wouldn't use them, but there is a demand as can be seen on Facebook. Anything that keeps people on the site makes it more valuable to advertisers. I think I managed to block any game-related stuff on FB as I don't see it generally. We need such options.


I've not heard much about Wow recently. Is it still growing? Hypestat shows it falling in a similar way to Tsu, although the Tsu graph seems to be falling less steeply now. That may just be it getting down to the really dedicated users.



I'm mainly on Steemit. Check out WowApp for messaging that pays.

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Yes, it went down in the last few months but it seems it has slowed down recently. I tried to make some research about how these start ups grow and learn about their growth trajectories. What I have found - there is usually the first "big boom" followed with a decline. Then it depends on how the platform can develop itself to not to lose all of its users, then to stop the decline and start the growth again. This trajectory seems to be quite common among successful startups and I have seen something similar with Twitter. 


Now, many "celebrities" or influencers are starting to use Snapchat. I have heard about Snapchat many years ago but it seems it has taken off just recently. When you look here:




You will notice that Snapchat.com was even less visited than tsu.co last year. They are on the market since September 2011. And this article refers to their monetization:




If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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      Si vous avez un PC ou un ordinateur portable, installez WowApp pour ordinateur sur https://wowapp.com/computer
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      clé de la réussite
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      Ce n'est pas un régime rapide pour s'enrichir rapidement. Il n'y a pas de frais d'inscription, pas de frais mensuels ni d'achats requis.

      La majeure partie des revenus provient d'un centime à la fois. Mais ces quelques sous peuvent s’additionner et ne faire que penser à toutes les personnes dans le monde qui utilisent des applications de messagerie pour rester en contact (gratuitement).

      Pour tous les débutants, ne vous concentrez pas beaucoup sur les pièces au début. Vous en aurez marre de le faire. Concentrez-vous sur l'esprit d'équipe. C'est la clé du succès ici.
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