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New TSU platform from March 3rd

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so we have new tsu platform, I start the topic with what is weird there.


1. problem - I see posts from groups where I am not a member

2. if I click on my shortcode, there is referrer tsu and not mine, I doubt people will change it manually - try to click on my shortcode and you see

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6 hours ago, Martin said:



so we have new tsu platform, I start the topic with what is weird there.


1. problem - I see posts from groups where I am not a member

2. if I click on my shortcode, there is referrer tsu and not mine, I doubt people will change it manually - try to click on my shortcode and you see


Sebastian has said that the tsu referrer is a bug that will be fixed soon. There are some other known bugs. The search box to set a channel for posts is not working as it should. Every post has to have a channel, but it can be one of the generic ones at the top. Easiest way is to click on one and post there.


I haven't read the new FAQ yet, but I hope it helps. Some of this was in the beta app that I was testing. I hope this transition does not scare people away.


Update: I've read the FAQ now and it's very useful to understand what has changed. They mention having reputation scores at some point. One friend of mine is leaving Tsu as he doesn't want to give his phone number. I've seen others say they don't like the changes.

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Personally I like the new version. Especially the new homepage - if they can manage to show there really the best content from tsu, it can be something like shop window for many visitors and not only for tsu members. 

Now everyone can see what is tsu about before registering. 


Very good move is to monetize the traffic from non-users, I don't know if they did it before? I think there were no ads displayed for people outside of tsu before, can anyone confirm this?

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referral code is again working


Still I dont know if it s the bug or not, when I cant post from mobile on feed and on twitter. On mobile I have to choose the channel where to post and I can share it on my feed but I cant post it to Twitter. Today I read some tsutip, that it works how I said and we can create own channel if we dont want to post to existing topics.

And here is still another problem, I cant get code in message for validation to create channel.


Hope soon all will be fixed. New TSU is sure better ;)

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...and here is new thing about shortcode. Now, who visit tsu over shortcode, the nick name as a referral stays there, also when you click on other page on tsu or eve other name, the first referral nick stays. You have to close the window browser and start new to see other referral nick. It is much better, coz before the people could join under TSU very easily when they left the registration page, so very good ;) 


TSU referral nick name doesnt stay after clicking on other user.


What is kinda bad is that when new people click on Join in the groups, they have there tsu referral nick and when the people on Twitter click on shared post they have also tsu referral nick. These things will be soon ok I hope.

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17 hours ago, Martin said:

We talked about new update month ago maybe and we said that tsu will be more for not-content creators, but this update isnt totally for that, it s 100% for content creators and more views. I thought we got some games or chat or something just for fun on network - for consumers.



this is the first part of what you are talking about. They introduced new streamlined user interface which allows you to find the content you are interested in (eg to help consumers to consume the content). This is the most important on any social network - you have to find something what is interesting for you in order to stay on the website. Now it should be improved.


Other things should come this year, for example live chat and video support were both mentioned by Sebastian several times. 


I hope they will open their API and allow 3rd party developers to create apps (like games) on tsu. I think this can drastically improve the tsu experience for many users.

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Update - posting


Now you can post from mobile on Twitter, you can post in Channel/Topic or just on your feed, how you want. On Twitter you can share only if you post on your feed.


There is still one bug, when you share post and then write comment under the sared post and do F5, the comment disappears

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On 23. 3. 2016 at 11:45 AM, Martin said:

There is still one bug, when you share post and then write comment under the sared post and do F5, the comment disappears


Then - it's great! I still have some but they are probably very specific, however, I still send all the feedback I can about the new version. I think they will come with some new cool features once they finnish the initial work.

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4 hours ago, liby.05 said:

now the admins will get notifications if there is a pending post in the channel with moderation. :)

That's useful if you don't want to be checking a channel all the time. I've been getting this for one of mine.


There's a current bug when writing a post. If you paste the link in first then the preview text expands as you type. I've reported this

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