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    • By Tom Peace
      Recently, there have been huge updates regarding monetization on Minds.com. Now you can earn money, points or Bitcoin on Minds using following features:
      Wire gives you the ability to send points, money or Bitcoin to other Minds users (channels). It also allows you to set up your "Reward Tiers" - something similar to what we can see on Patreon. For example - you can set your reward tier to $10 and only users who pay those $10 (monthly) will be able to see the content which is behind this paywall. This is how easy it is to set up rewards for your subscribers & supporters.

      And this is the panel on your Minds channel showing your earnings over the past 30 days:

      More about Minds Wire >>> https://www.minds.com/wire
      This feature allows you to get another revenue stream from your online content. For example - you can earn ad revenue on your blog posts, receive P2P boost offers, etc. More about Monetization >>> https://www.minds.com/monetization
      With Minds Affiliate program you can earn 25% of the revenue Minds generates from your referrals. For example - someone signs up to Minds using your unique affiliate link. If that person then buys points (in order to boost his/her content on Minds) you get the 25% commission on that sale. More about Affiliate Program >>> https://www.minds.com/affiliates
      This feature allows you to access some premium exclusive content from the Minds team, hide all boosts & advertising, it also allows you to ask for a verified badge on your account. It costs $5 per month and you also get 1,000 points for every month you pay. More about Minds Plus >>> https://www.minds.com/plus
      Follow tsuforum on Minds >>> https://www.minds.com/register?referrer=tsuforum
    • By Kal_Moone
      To anyone who would like to hook up on the WoW