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Original content profile and monetizaton


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I guess who posts good original content gets more money.. Can you confirm? I think they use some coefficient and algorithm for this.


And one else thing, if my child has for example 5000 followers and monetization is 1$ per day, it doesnt mean 0.3$ for me, right, it s actually less.

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No it doesn't work like that.  You get the same % split of the revenue earned.  So if the members viewing you page have ad blockers switched on, you earn nothing.  


You earn a very small % sharing someone's post... do not ad much as sharing you original posts.


You will not be paid for spam posts, porn or Google images for which you don't own the copyright. 

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Do they actually check posts other than just before paying you? I have children posting 'stolen images' and it pays me extra. I assume that they would not get paid when they try to claim their money, but I'll get to keep what I made. I have no influence on what they do.


In theory you could set up dummy child accounts to try and make more. I can't be bothered with that. It's too much work for a few dollars.


If your child makes $1 from their posts you should get 50c, I think.


As for ad blockers, do Tsu know you are blocking ads? Or do they just register less ad impressions overall, so there's less money to share out?


I don't worry too much about the details. I do know that if all my children were active then I'd make a lot more. I'd be happy if 10% were active to be honest.

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I think tsu won't make the whole algorithm public - it is their "know how" (like Google's algorithm), but from what I can understand - if your child creates a post which generates $1, he/she should get 0.45, you should get 0.333 - just like on the image. It should not be 0.30 but 0.333 - they use 0.30 to make it simpler I guess. If your child earns $1 and you earn less than $0.333, then you should ask support if there is some glitch in calculation or if that is part of their algorithm.




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You should get around a third to two thirds of what your child gets in general, depending on where they got it from (direct or from network). 


We can never know exactly where each cent comes from, but the important thing is for your network to be active. You may also be earning from groups and I don't know how that gets passed up the chain.


I'm just happy to see money come in each day :)

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