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Tom Peace

My WowApp earnings

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My earnings look like this after about three weeks on WowApp. I will be hopefully able to cash out in Q1 of 2016 and once I'm paid, I will definitely share a proof with you :)




The network graph looks like this. Seems like earnings grow faster than network when I see those graphs along each other.



If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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      Recently, there have been huge updates regarding monetization on Minds.com. Now you can earn money, points or Bitcoin on Minds using following features:
      Wire gives you the ability to send points, money or Bitcoin to other Minds users (channels). It also allows you to set up your "Reward Tiers" - something similar to what we can see on Patreon. For example - you can set your reward tier to $10 and only users who pay those $10 (monthly) will be able to see the content which is behind this paywall. This is how easy it is to set up rewards for your subscribers & supporters.

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      Video about earnings on WowApp, check this
    • By Laiky
      My earnings on WowApp, it really works

    • By steevc

      In my time on Tsu I've not had many days where I made more than $1. I have 3700 followers and 850 children, but I was mainly earning from whatever views I could get on my posts and that would only be around 50-70 per post. That changed over Xmas when I gained some children who have been active and are getting lots of views. I hit a peak of $2 on Xmas day. That's from just a couple of children out of the hundreds. If even 10% were active I'd have a nice little income.
      I got my first payout at the start of December, which took over a year to earn. It looks like the next one couple come in a couple of months. Tsu really does work, but there are still issues with retaining users.
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      Interesting screen from the young photographer - http://www.tsu.co/martin_ku/101296783 
      Worth to check the hashtah #walletwednesday for more.