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Tom Peace

My WowApp review

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I've been introduced to WowApp by my friend and I've tested all of the possible features of the app. I can now say without any doubts that WowApp can be real competition to well known instant messengers like WhatsApp or Skype. There is huge amount of work behind this app and I would like to highlight some of the best features:


  • Calling - sounds simple but you can easily call to anyone in the world by using WowApp. Either for free (from WowApp to WowApp) or by paid calls which have competitive prices. There are currently calls made in my network and it works smoothly. If you buy Wow credit, then you can call to landlines, mobile phones or abroad without problem.
  • Video calls - I think it works only from WowApp to WowApp but it works well. I have tried this with a stranger from Brazil and had no problem. The quality was perfect despite of the huge distance between us and bigger latency as a result.
  • Chat - I'm using it on a daily basis. Either in groups with few friends participating in the conversation or as 1 to 1. To be honest, I haven't tried the Private chat yet but I believe it works well as everything above.


My final score is 5 of 5 - WowApp works perfectly as a communication tool and it has a sharing economy model for its users. I can't see any essential absence of some feature or ability. On the contrary, I see it much better than what is currently on the market.



If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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      Not bad. 50 dollars earned at the moment
      100 WowCoins = 1$.
      WowApp is like Whatsapp but it shares its profit with their users. There are several other ways to earn with WowApp like Cashback, but I haven't checked out all of them yet. My income comes mostly from inviting others, shopping and simply using wowapp to chat with friends and family. 
      Been on WowApp since 2015 and it really does what it says it does.
      Best wishes!

    • By Tom Peace
      ¿Por qué necesitamos Wow App?
      WowApp es una plataforma única y GRATUITA que te permite Ganar dinero real y Hacer el Bien. Esto por realizar actividades que ya estás llevando a cabo sin contrapartida: comunicarte, leer noticias, navegar, jugar, abrir tu móvil, comprar online, responder encuestas o realizar tareas.


      Hacer el bien
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      Métodos de Ganancia:
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      WowApp ofrece 8 formas únicas de Ganar y Hacer el Bien mediante actividades que realizo todos los días:
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      7) SMART SLIDE
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