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Tom Peace

Customize your WowApp personal page

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Every WowApp user has its own personal page. Other people like friends or complete foreigners can join your WowApp network through this page. If you want to customize your page, you have variety of tools and options to do this:


1. Upload Profile & Cover Pictures

By doing this, other people & your friends will recognize you. You will no longer be an anonymous WowApp user but someone real and people will more likely join your network. I have uploaded the same pictures I'm using on tsu for example:




2. Promote Your Personal Page

Now you are ready to promote your personal page - you can just copy and paste the link to this page or your can use various tools that WowApp website offers:




3. Customize Your Page

You can further customize your page by adding a personal message. This message consists from three parts - Motto, Title and Description and it's completely up to you what you will write here. I suggest something personal and original - something you really think about the app, its features or how it works. I have added a short description what is WowApp all about:





4. Allow Everyone to Join Your Network

By setting this option to 'Yes' your personal page will be promoted on the official WowApp website here - https://www.wowapp.com/join-wowapp. What does it mean? People who want to join WowApp can do this only via personal page of someone who already use the app. And WowApp features its users on their website so you can get new people in your network just by setting this value to 'yes'. Keep in mind that only users who were active in the last 48 hours will be featured on this page. I have definitely get few people to my network from this.





5. Upload Your Own Video

And if that's still not enough, you can upload your personalized video to your page. Just turn on your webcam and tell the world why to join WowApp. Personally, I haven't done this yet but there is no limit for your creativity! Just follow these rules for uploading your own video:

  • Maximum length: 120 seconds
  • Video formats: mp4, flv, 3gp, avi, divx, m4v, mov, mpeg, mpg, wmv
  • Maximum file size: 40MB
  • In order to record from webcam, you need a webcam connected to your device.





I hope this tutorial will help someone who didn't know how to get people in his or her network. Good luck to all Wowers!

If you want to connect with me, use WowApp.

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