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Will Facebook acquires (buy) Tsu in future?

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I guess this is definitely not the plan. Sebastian seems to be a fair guy. On top of that, tsu want to play in the merchant services, which is 10 times larger market than online advertising. There is no reason to sell in my opinion. (hopefully :) )

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6 hours ago, liby.05 said:

If anyone has a contact with Sebastian, can you raise this doubt to him?? and everyone want to hear the answer from him :)


I should think he has to be very careful what he says about the business. He has investors who want to see a return, but he seems to have a plan for what he wants to achieve. FB are the biggest player for now, but that could change if the masses can realise there are alternatives. Tsu has some unique features, but would FB want to use those or just kill the competition?

My feeling is that this is not something to worry about just yet.

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