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Found 1 result

  1. I have found a cool feature on Wowapp website - WowApp Shop. It's basically a huge global cashback place. There is currently over 5,000 shops worldwide (from which about 417 are shipping to my country) in various categories: and I was curious how it works. We needed to order a cat food and I found a company we already use for ordering a cat food in WowApp shop. And there is also a lot of very well known brands which I already use from time to time: We like to travel with my wife and now, we can basically buy a ticket, rent a car and rent a hotel with WowApp shop and get a cashback from our purchase. The reason for ordering a cat food was simple - we have a cat and we also have an account with the cat food company with some discounts already included. So I was curious if making a purchase via WowApp Shop would still give me that extra cashback as a bonus to my already included & personal discount. And the short after is yes - after making a purchase, it took about 2 hours and I received a cashback. Below you can see my WowApp earnings chart for the last 30 days: The first jump on my earnings chart is the cat food order (December 19th), the second jump is a purchase in my network (December 27th). To be honest - I didn't expect to receive a cashback after logging in to my personal "cat food company" account. At first I thought it can only work for a new customers or so. However, it was a nice experience to get some % back even I was an existing customer. The speed of the process was also impressive! Good News is that WowApp Shop is still in BETA. That means an early production - I believe the final version will be even better with much more shops... Which leads me to another great feature in the Wow Shop: If you miss your favorite online shop - just suggest it. WowApp team is listening to our suggestions and if they were able to add over 5,000 shops in their BETA version, I believe they will be able to add much more in the future. I really like this 'Shopping Mall'. It's easy to use and it's just handy because you probably use some of the shops listed in WowShop. So you can get some % back from your purchases. Just 'Go Shop' via the WowApp website. You need a WowApp account which costs just 2 minutes of time (and zero money). Everything will be sorted out quickly after the purchase, without any difficult settings or so. It just works and that's what I like the most. Another important aspect of WowApp shop - every time you make a purchase, part of your earnings goes automatically to a charity/charities of your choice: You can manage your supported charities in settings of your account. If you don't have a WowApp account, you can join my network here. I believe this is a great step to start lowering the income inequality gap between the richest and the poorest. Sharing & Collaboration are so important for our future. In my eyes - Great job WowApp. What's your thoughts?