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Found 4 results

  1. Second big TSU upgrade 2016 Open your TSU on PC and you see some good changes. It is very comfortable now and I think the rolling is smooth. What is the best? Hidden menu when you put your mouse on your photo in upperleft corner. You can hide the Topics - animals, arts, communities.... Notification button has good color Everything just works faster We dont see Family Tree, hope this is only bug Enjoy it
  2. Hello TSusers! TSU is here more than 6 months. The first moments of harassment are away. I just realized that the blogs from the first time when TSU started are inactive. This is opportunity for you. Create your own blog in your country now. Choose one or two biggest and most known blogs, especially when the blogs interact with others blogs. You have to set the titles and descriptions of your pages for search engines like Google. And that s it. You get the visitors and possibly some new children. Now it s the right time to start 2nd surge, when the people from 1st surge are inactive. Focus on Friends in your neighbouhood and originalcontent. Dont accept thousands of people to Friends. Any questions? Write me message on TSU. Good luck
  3. I have created 'Discover Users' section on tsuforum. You can find it in the top tab ↑ or by clicking here. The reason for this section is obvious: We can collectively create database of interesting users on tsu Which will help others to find interesting users by category Anybody can share his/her favourite tsu users simply by clicking these buttons: or (in case you're browsing categories) I've tried to add as many active & relevant users as possible. Rules for new links: Add only active users whose content is related to the relevant category Include some description (the best is description with video or picture) All links are moderated (to prevent spam, non-relevant users, etc.). If you have any questions or improvement suggestions, I'm one ear
  4. Tom Peace


    I have installed Chat on tsuforum, you can acces it from the top tab: Please keep in mind following: Use the Chat for "chit chat" or to Help people who visit tsuforum for the first time and need help with navigation, explanation, etc. Bigger & important discussions post on forums so they can help people who will come in the future. I hope these simple rules will help to benefit for all. Anyway - if I get feeling that the Chat isn't good for forums, I reserve the right to remove it. Thanks!
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