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Found 24 results

  1. To get more followers on tsu, you need to always follow the best practice. Tsu is NOT a place for things like "Follow for follow", "Like for like", etc. Maybe you have seen this behavior on Instagram or other social media sites but remember - tsu is different. Content is King - Always First you have to understand what is the fundamental reason that brings people to your page - it is your Original & Unique content which they can't see anywhere else. Original, unique & creative content will attract the real audience which will earn you money on tsu. This is a long term s
  2. How can timing help you for more shares & engagement with friends and followers This is very simple tip, but I noticed many people are not aware of good timing. If you publish two, completely same posts in different times, the results will probably be different. The reason is obvious - at night, most of people sleep. There is no audience at night, so there is much lower chance your content will be shared, commented or liked. Also you should know that over night, your content can be slowly lost in the history without enough engagement/interaction. You should post your best content i
  3. >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LAFBMDgea2E
  4. Umumnya saat melakukan aktivitas media sosial, kita hanya mendapatkan kepuasan saja. Namun bagaimana jika saat kita posting sesuatu dan menambahkan teman di social media kita mendapat bayaran? Tentu ini hal yang amat menyenangkan, terutama bagi aktif menggunakan sosmed. Inilah sesuatu ditawarkan oleh Tsu, cara menghasilkan uang dari media sosial terbaru dari Amerika yang akan memberikan 90% dari pendapatannya kepada para penggunanya yang aktif. Sumber pemasukan dana Tsu sendiri dikabarkan berasal dari Sancus Capital Prive yang terbilang cukup besar yaitu senilai USD 7 juta. Dana inilah yang
  5. Jika Anda ingin meng-upload gambar di website ini, Anda harus menggunakan Full Editor dengan mengklik "More Reply Options": Kemudian, Anda akan melihat bar uploader: Anda harus meng-upload foto Anda terlebih dahulu, dengan mengklik 'Choose Files'. Setelah gambar di-upload, klik 'Add to Post' dan gambar Anda akan muncul di postingan !
  6. If you have any tips which may help others in using 3tags social network, you can share them in this category.
  7. How to promote your code? You can promote your tsu code on this website in two ways: Write your own blog and assign your invitation, Discuss on the forums and create your signature (read this post): Before you create your signature, you should read... Signature rules: Maximum font size is 24 Maximum of 160 characters Maximum of 1 URL in your signature (enough for your invitation code ) Signature is the ONLY 1 place where you can promote your Short Code No Pictures This tutorial will show you how to create signature on these forums with your tsu.co invitation code. If you w
  8. Growing your Family Tree is essential for future growth of your earnings. If you can create big and active network, then you probably will earn more money. So what are the best methods to grow it? First, you should ensure you know how to invite people: Your invite code is in the format www.tsu.co/YourUsername Or you can find it in your letf panel on tsu: The box with three options will appear: 1. You can directly send your link to your friends using any possible channel - Skype, Chat, SMS or just by mouth 2. By email... 3. Refering on Facebook, Twitter or Google+ (this
  9. By creating your own Facebook page, you can simply share all the posts from your tsu feed directly to Facebook. If you add 'Register button' people who visit your page will register with your Short Code. Instruction: 1. Create your own Facebook page How to create Facebook page (3 simple steps)See tsuforum's Facebook page (you can have this, too!) 2. Add register button Add Register Button to your Facebook page (it should look like the picture below) 3. Link your Facebook page with tsu See this simple tutorial to link your accounts (by doing this, you can post on Facebook directly from
  10. Here you can post any interesting videos related to how to earn on tsu, how to use tsu, how to grow your network, etc. If you find any interesting videos about tsu in media, feel free to post them in this category.
  11. Do you need tutorial explaining your question in simple steps with pictures? Reply to this topic with your request and we will make it happen
  12. In this tutorial I will show you how you can find either your tsu ID or ID of anyone else. The process is very simple, your ID is hidden in the source code of your tsu profile page. 1. go to the URL www.tsu.co/YourUsername 2. right click anywhere on the page and choose from your internet browser menu something like "show source code of this page" 3. find this text: "window.current_user = {" and below this text, you can see your ID. What is tsu user ID? This number represents when did you join tsu. In other words, if you were the first ever member on tsu, your user ID would be
  13. There has been an on-again off-again campaign to get users to recognise content which is under copyright. Most people assume that because it's been posted a number of times means that copyright doesn't apply. This isn't true - you have no way of knowing who has permission before you. The most pragmatic solution: User http://www.google.com/advanced_image_searchto find relevant material - the last option is the one where you want to select "Free to use, alter or modify, even commercially" You still need to check through the permissions before you use it... These may be: 1. Public do
  14. How to tag people on tsu You can notify anybody on tsu with almost everything. For example if: You want to tell your friend about interesting post. Solution: Start writing with '@' sign the name of your friend Select your friend from the list: Then, your friend will get notification and will see the link to the post he/she is mentioned in.
  15. Maybe some of you know me already on Tsu - my name is Melanie Paul @melpaul24 ;-) I want to give you something you're searching for, I'm sure ;-) My tsu tutorial website delivers an email step by step training newsletter for the newbies and the experienced tsu members. cu there Melanie
  16. How to get 10 Children in 3 simple steps: !!! NO LONGER ACTIVE !!! 1. Register on this website 2. Publish at least 1 unique post (at least 60 words) 3. Create your signature (see the rules for Signature)... And see your Children growing! Don't forget to share this tutorial with your Children -> Testimonials Do not spam your invitation code - the only one place you can promote your code is your SIGNATURE Please keep in mind following: Unique means: something genuine, something that is interesting, useful, or helpful for others. (no spam please). Messages like 'nic
  17. Follow these simple steps: 1. Recruit 100 Children 2. Teach them to do the same 3. If each user in your Network (up to only 3rd level) generates just net $1:
  18. What are tsu Analytics good for? In the Analytics you can easily see which content is in good Quality. When you publish something good, people will like, share and comment. And this engagement is what you want, because your posts will be more exposed to people. And the more people see your content, the more ads will be displayed to them. And that is how tsu creates money -> they display ads to people and give them 90% from advertising revenue. To be more specific - when you look at your Analytics numbers like this: You can see there is big difference between some posts. Ev
  19. You can use Hashtags to grow your audience. Everytime you create #hashtag, you have bigger chance people will see your message. But, use them wisely! It doesn't mean you have to put lot's of hashtags in your posts. You can use maybe 1-3 per post, that is ideal number I think. There is limit of 10 hashtags per post. For a short message, you can use 1 hashtag, medium lenght message is good for 2 hashtags and long message is good for 3. (This is just my personal oppinion) Write your message and then apply Hashtags for the most #relevant words. When you use Hashtag, you also highlight
  20. If you want to upload pictures on this website, you have to use full editor by clicking 'More Reply Options': Then, you will see the uploader bar: You have to upload your pictures first, by clicking 'Choose Files'. Once the picture is uploaded, click 'Add to Post' and your picture will appear in the post!
  21. Feel free to create polls & surveys in this forum. I will show you a little tutorial how you can create your own poll: 1. Start new topic 2. On the right, you can see Manage Topic Poll: 3. Open it and Poll Manager will appear: What do all the boxes in Poll manager mean? -> Poll Title - almost self explaining. Just write the name for your poll -> Make votes public? - people will see how others have voted. So you can see how your friends voted, etc. -> Question - what do you want to ask for? -> Allow multiple choice? - if selected, people will be abl
  22. Is it your first day or even week on tsu? Kevin will show you what you should do once you join tsu. He is also speaking about his first week on tsu. He says he had no idea what he was doing Hopefully this video will help you or your friends: [media]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t0GStU31eus
  23. You can send or accept payments in tsu.co social network. You can donate your funds to charity or send it to your friend. However, for accepting payments, you have to enable it in your settings: Then, a big button on your profile will appear: It means you will be able to recieve money from anybody in the World. Please note tsu takes a small commision of 3% when transferring money. So if you send your friend $10, he will recieve $9.70 and $0.30 will be tsu's administration fee.
  24. Promote your tsu code on this website You can promote your tsu code on this website in two ways: Discuss on the forums and create your signature Write your own blog and assign your invitation (read this article): If you will post in the forums or write your own blog, people from all around the World can see your invitation code. So you can get Children from that. To assign your invitation code with your Blog, you must be registered and logged in: 1. Click on your username in the top right corner, then click 'Manage Blogs': 2. Click on your Blog: 3. Click Add Blocks -> Add Custom Cont
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