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  1. If you were a member of TSU and you would like to know the truth about what really happen with TSU then please join us if you are already a member then simply add jeni-meeee as a contact. That platform is secure while this one is not as with most things on the Internet. If you were a member you probably are not even aware of what you lost so far and what you would have made in the future. We are and we do not plan to allow TSU to go softly into that good night. We the users owned 90% of TSU and the company chose to fight their battle on their own which was their only mistake. We will not let it die in vain and if we can we will even bring it back, God willing. If you are a company that uses a similar model to TSU fighting the same battles that TSU fought for all of us then we would like to help you. If you want to be apart of the Class Action lawsuit that we are working on putting together against the guilty parties so that the battle fought was not fought in vain and so that other like TSU have a fair and equal chance in the future then please join us. All TSU wanted was a fair playing field they were not looking for anything else. They did not get that and neither do any of us right now but together we can change that.
  2. I think this may be your last chance to get your posts and photos. You should still be able to log in to do this. I don't know what use anyone can make of the files provided, but I think this was the least they could do after cutting us off so suddenly. I wonder if this will be left available for a little longer or if they will just shut down the domain.
  3. Who is Kevin Hinkle on tsu? One of the most followed people on tsu. One of the tsu's early adopters. One of the very first people who did recieve tsu check. One of the people who gives good advice. Follow Kevin Hinkle's tsu profile -> https://www.tsu.co/Kevinhinkle
  4. Youface - Social & Payment Network A social network is a good alternative tsu.co. You get money for activities and invited friends via your link. The entire network while working as facebook. After registering, you will find your earnings at: https://youface.cz/setting/affiliates (There you will find even your affiliate link) You can try out for yourself App Youface for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.youface.cz App Youface for Windows: http://bit.ly/2cVw0j6 You can register here: https://youface.cz/?ref=jbocek
  5. Hi to all! I live in Brazil and am admin of the group with the best audience of TSU's music afficionados. We are now closer to 22k followers. Hope to meet you there. :-) Music History 101 http://www.tsu.co/groups/music-history-101 The study of all genres of music ranging from vintage obscure tracks right up to current selections. Topics will include Rock, Blues, Soul, Funk, Jazz, World Music and all other genres of interest. http://www.tsu.co/magrobel
  6. Tsu Do you use Google+, are you using Facebook, using Twitter. Certainly you have an account on each and every one of them, what do you think if you had one account that combines the characteristics of each of these previous sites in addition to everything else .. money .. In Tsu In Tsu you can: Follow-up and add friends Tsu in you: to interact with others: like + comment + Share In Tsu you can: # Hachtag and @TAG Finally In Tsu you can make money How ? Tsu share "profits from advertising" with users .. because it is estimated favorite users in the survival and continuity, it must reward them, and this is what Sebastian Sobczak said in one of his meetings television. Tsu follow the policy: 90% for users and 10% for him, in the distribution of profits. This is not only .. Tsu used "network marketing" in the invitations to register .. and increase your profits whenever one of them registered by your invitation . ... And take 30% of their profits for life .. It is wonderful. Tsu is real and has been around since 2014 and paid for its users until this moment. Welcome If you want to join us, to register click here let's tsū it For more information you can e-mail me on Wowapp that pays you to use it as well. I hope that you like the explanation.
  7. He's a verified Facebook user with 100k+ followers there and on Twitter, Youtube etc. It would be great to see him active on Tsu too, but the current issues in Turkey may limit that for now. http://www.tsu.co/canfeza
  8. tsu invitation tsu is a social online network. tsu shares social revenues with active members. On tsū, you will get paid for your meaningful activity. New members can join tsū by my invitation link. After joining you have to complete profile. Upload your own photo and background cover photo. Start with making friends. Go to my friends list and send them request for friendship. Follow them. Post your pictures in feed section. Start to give like, comment on others posts. This is key to invite them to support your pictures. Do this job daily with your own time. See your daily earnings in Bank section. Post your pictures, photos, videos. Give your responses to other post ( like, comment and share). Generate your revenue by adding more friends like, comments and shared posts. Participation of conversation and communication is key of your success. A big network and their participation will bring you more money in bank menu. There are interesting channels to post your pictures and other stuffs. You have to invite your friends, relatives in this great social network. You will get daily earnings in your Bank menu. You can participate in running contest which is additional earning source from tsu. Do settings. Motivate your Family Tree. Use other Social Accounts and bring more friends. Join facebook groups and share your invitation link with your content. Read FAQ. So join with my invitation link. https://www.tsu.co/newnews
  9. MY Profile Hi Friends , This is Abhijith Vijayakumar (Abhijith VG) from the beautiful God's Own Country - Kerala,India.I am an engineering graduate in Mechanical Engineering.Now Working with Online Media Promotion Company Popcorn Talkies and Cloud Global Media.Photography is my Heart to heart passion.Love Clicking always.Landscapes are my favorite subject.Also love travelling,exploring new destinations.Some of my Favorite Clicks are available below. My TSU Network This is my TSU Profile - www.tsu.co/abhijithvg8880. I love this Social Media because of the Sincerity by the TSU to it's users. My network completed the number 85.TSU is sharing its lion share of it's revenue to the users.Also TSU is different in managing the contents by the users.My profile is fulfilled with original photographs taken by me.Please do visit and enjoy.Also I am recommending the viewers to join TSU.
  10. Hi Friends... My TSU Link tsu.co/aravindps ... I am Aravind P S ..a Photographer by profession... Aiming at spreading Tsu Love all Over My Place.. ...Even round the World.. Happy to be member of this prestigious Website... Myself....i am From Kerala Which is a state in India.. filled with Nature Beauty and Nature Lovers I focus On encouraging Creative Minds and to provide them with a Platform Like TSU to expose their Talents to the World About MY TSU !!! Joined on 3rd April 2016 .. It have been More than 3 months since Now.. and i have been keen to build by Network ... and Meeting New people and Putting up new relations Worldwide.. If You Ask Why i Joined TSU.. I would Say .. I appreciate the minds of the creators for sharing 90% of their Income... and here Users are paid for creating Good and Original Contents...Which is best Way to Encourage Talents inside Them..
  11. Come and join us on The New Social via my invite link: http://www.tsu.co/NajetAk I joined TSU since two monthes ago, it is an online social networking service and payment platform like Facbook I meet a new people around the world , I found fun,.... I have my own channel about kids http://www.tsu.co/groups/only-kids, Join Us as we share a beautiful moment of kids Tsu is unique for its originality, so let's be original Peace and Love
  12. Hello Everybody Are you on TSU? This is good and what about your followers on other social networks? Do you have followers on Twitter and Instgram, invite them to TSU TSU social network in only one place where you get paid for your creativity and your work. Are you creative already? Do you post pictures on Instagram? Ok, but why Instagram? TSU social network is real network because we build it and we get some money for it, some kind of business or just you getting money for something you are using for free normally. Join TSU, invite people around you and have fun @NoCliche
  13. I just noticed a People option between Feed and My Channels in the menu on the web today. It shows a list of people with a number of posts since you last checked them. It only goes up to 12 and clicking the person shows a grid of the 12 posts. The list is not only of your friends or those you follow. It also seems to include others you have visited recently. http://www.tsu.co/steevc/126357134 Update: Lee announced this last night, but I don't follow him http://www.tsu.co/Lee/126323316
  14. steevc

    Tsu SEO

    Tsu does not seem to have much 'Google juice'. It seems that the only way to find Tsu pages is using the 'site:tsu.co' option to restrict to that domain and it only seems to find profile pages, not posts. As of today that finds 249,000 results. A couple of days ago it was 245,000, so perhaps the 'spider' is working. I'll check it again in a week. DexterRoona/Infobunny has a few posts on the topic http://www.tsu.co/hashtag/tsuseo I assume that Tsu need to do certain things to help Google and other search engines find pages. They may need a file to guide the spider and pages should in a format so that the post title is searchable as well as hashtags. I know little about SEO, but I would hope they have some experts on the team. They gave us options to make posts public on the web. I think this was not the case originally. I want my posts to be discoverable. Of course a lot of posts are not that interesting to Google, e.g. a generic pic with no text. It was suggested that we could manually submit pages to Google at https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/submit-url I don't know how much effect that has. Any thoughts?
  15. Klaus says there's something coming soon. He says they have not be promoting so much as they were waiting for this. We shall see http://www.tsu.co/post/121096960 I think there are certain features that people are waiting for, e.g. photo albums, but it may take something else to get the activity up.
  16. In my time on Tsu I've not had many days where I made more than $1. I have 3700 followers and 850 children, but I was mainly earning from whatever views I could get on my posts and that would only be around 50-70 per post. That changed over Xmas when I gained some children who have been active and are getting lots of views. I hit a peak of $2 on Xmas day. That's from just a couple of children out of the hundreds. If even 10% were active I'd have a nice little income. I got my first payout at the start of December, which took over a year to earn. It looks like the next one couple come in a couple of months. Tsu really does work, but there are still issues with retaining users. http://www.tsu.co/post/104850938
  17. I'm interested in other people's impressions of how active Tsu is. We are slowly approaching 5 million users, but it's obvious that only a fraction of those are using it. I have 895 children and a network of 1314. I know for sure that a couple of those are posting daily and a few others I follow will post now and again. So it's looking like less than 1% are really using Tsu. I do check on others and have seen some have been back to post once or twice, but then stop again. Maybe the new video feature will bring some back, but it seems Tsu struggles to retain users. Some will be happy with what they get from other, non-paying, services that provide a bigger audience. It's a chicken/egg situation where you need a lot of users to attract more users. Features are also an issue. I know people want things like photo albums. I know some were asking for built-in video, so that may help. I don't think Tsu can compete with sites like Facebook where you have lots of control over who sees your posts. I see it as more of a competitor for Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest etc. I hope the video features will get some media coverage as that's what it seems to take to bring in new users. We saw that with the Facebook block. Any thoughts?
  18. I wrote a blog about tsu's new update. Hope the english is acceptable http://hubpages.com/technology/Social-Network-Tsu-Does-It-Again
  19. I have been following 700 people in tsu. Last night, I followed around 500 people , that was kind of quicker. After 700 , follower button does not work anymore. Sofar, I can not follow anybody now. But If I try from cellphone network, it works. Whats the reason for this and How can I fix this problem> Do you have any idea?
  20. I keep monitoring the stats on Hypestat and have been seeing the daily views drop each day. I posted about this and got a nice response from Brian Tignor at Tsu. He says they are looking at emails to users and 'targetted content'. They have to do something to keep users engaged with the site. There are core of users who have stuck with it, but that's not enough to be viable. There's also the mass of 'likers' who just post pics and write 'nice' comments. I don't know what effect they have. http://www.tsu.co/steevc/108045820
  21. Hello, so we have new tsu platform, I start the topic with what is weird there. 1. problem - I see posts from groups where I am not a member 2. if I click on my shortcode, there is referrer tsu and not mine, I doubt people will change it manually - try to click on my shortcode and you see
  22. http://www.tsu.co/JUMOWA/119889255
  23. I'm sure opinions will vary on this, but if someone posts a generic comment to my posts then I consider that to be spam. It could be 'nice' (or variations) or a link to some affiliate scheme. I will delete those comments and consider blocking the person if it looks like they do nothing of value. If it looks like they are just misguided then I will attempt to educate them on what I think is correct behaviour. I had a case today on the post below. This person posted a link to their music and I see that they do this a lot. It was not relevant to the post and so I deleted it and told them on their comment that was at least relevant. We had a 'discussion', but it doesn't look like we will agree. http://www.tsu.co/steevc/110383635 They have since posted this http://www.tsu.co/CharliFunk/110389437 Other people may not mind what comments they get. Any thoughts?
  24. I was looking through the charities deciding which to donate to and I see that some have been inactive for some time, some as long as a year. I know that some of them have made a lot of money from Tsu, so why would they not at least post something? Maybe those did not get so much and gave up on it. I am more likely to give to the active ones. There are at least 62 charities on Tsu now according to http://www.tsu.co/charities/following. They represent a lot of countries now, but I think they need more so that people can donate to a local charity. I've heard that all they need to do is to send details of their charity registration to Tsu. We should encourage our local charities to join up.
  25. There's some odd stuff going on where people are posting as usual and the post appears to be in a group they are not a member of. Mine are appearing in 'Communities', but still seem to be generally visible. I've seen some comments from some of the Tsu team that this is part of some changes they are testing. See comment by @Tignor here http://www.tsu.co/Rebeccabe/114539119 This may relate to feature of the new app beta, but we're not supposed to discuss that too much in public.
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