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Found 4 results

  1. Tom Peace

    Tsu Invitation by Tom Peace

    Hello and welcome to my personal tsu invitation, Maybe you already heard about the new social network called tsu, maybe you didn't. However, this is my way to introduce you this social media because I believe it will change the world of social media and the world how internet works in general. Tsu is a social network with conscience and it works like a real world – or at least how it should work. People are compensated for the content they create. If you are an artist, photographer, networker, influencer, charity or you want to promote your business or just selfies, tsu is the right place to be on. What I like the most about tsu? On tsu – you own your content and you get revenue from what your content earns on advertising. In fact, the revenue share is very fair – tsu gives back 90% of advertising income back to users. 45% goes to the content creator, 45% is split up in the chain of people who invited this person. You can withdraw tsu money by check or to your PayPal account once you reach $100, You can donate your earnings to charities, Buy goods and services or Transfer the money to your friends. Sounds good? Yes, it is… My tsu invitation Tsu is an invite only social platform. That means you have to use invitation from someone who is already active on the network. This invitation is also called ‘Short Code’ and it’s nothing else than your username. My invitation is ‘TomPeace’ (which is also my tsu username). You can also type into your browser the address www.tsu.co/TomPeace to join tsu. Once you join tsu, I suggest you to reconnect your other social networks – tsu is much bigger fun with friends and I have now described how you can easily invite them. Just send them link to your profile or give them your username (eg. Short Code). Enjoy the time on tsu and don’t forget to check my profile. I’m pretty sure you will like this network, it has a nice and fresh design and most importantly – there has never been something like this. So let's join the revolution! Facebook censorship If you will try to send your tsu invitation to your friends on Facebook, you should be aware of recent Facebook censorship against tsu. You can read more in this article (and dozens of others). Regards, Tomas
  2. Hi, I´m JUMOWA I live in Frankfurt / Germany. Why tsu is the logical step! Tsu is amazing and a total game changer!!! First and most important reason for you and me to register on tsu besides having a virtual home to share impressions, moments and experiences from your life is and was the fact that we have been on Facebook and other social platforms for a couple years now and we did not earn one cent being social on the internet. The owners of those social networks took every cent and dollar we created with traffic on our pictures, videos, and blogs, for themselves and they are doing it still leaving us behind with not one penny. My point is, in case you have doubts on why to invest any minute of your time into tsu, if Facebook is making billions of dollars every year from revenue that is being created through users like you and me, imagine how much you will be making on tsu if the ad revenue we create is actually being paid back to us. I've been on tsu for over a year now and I have blogged and shared photographs from my life while recruiting thousands of new users and helping them to get started on tsu. Register with my link and you won´t have to search and read forever in order to get to know tsu. I will give you a specific overview about what is important, how tsu works and how to teach new users you will be bringing onto tsu. Thank you tsu and tsunation for a system that is based on sharing. Where everybody is a part of a whole rather than only invited to the party when the wallets are being emptied. After registering with my Link, visit my profile, say hi and drop me a message >>>REGISTER HERE<<<
  3. The following text is in Finnish. You are invited to join tsu social network via my invite link: http://www.tsu.co/hottonen Hei, Tästä löydät liittymislinkin uudenlaiseen sosiaalisen median palveluun nimeltä Tsu. Kun käytät linkkiäni http://www.tsu.co/hottonen ja liityt tsuhun, niin samalla liityt Tsu perheeseeni, minusta tulee sinun ”tsu vanhempi” ja tienaan osan tuottamistasi mainostuloista, aivan kuten sinä tulet tienaamaan oman osasi ”tsu lapsistasi”, jotka liittyvät sinun jälkeesi, sinun linkkisi kautta. Eli vuorostasi sinä saat osuuden heidän tuottamistaan mainostuloista. Jokainen tsu:hun liittyvä kuuluu kutsujan "perheeseen" tsu:hun voi liittyä vain kutsuttuna ja linkkini toimii kutsunasi ja liityttyäsi sinä voit alkaa välittömästi kutsumaan omia ystäviäsi ja ketä vaan liittymään sinun tsu perheeseen. Tsu on siitä erilainen, että päivittäin jaetaan 90% mainostuloista takaisin käyttäjille, eli saat arvosi mukaan korvauksen – jonka muissa sosiaalisissa medioissa pistää taskuunsa osakkeenomistajat. Jaa päivittäin omia kuviasi, runojasi, tekstejäsi – mitä keksitkin – ja saat osuutesi mainostuloista julkaisujesi suosiosta ja verkostosi koosta riippuen, kunhan vaan julkaiset omaa, aitoa ja alkuperäistä materiaalia, netistä napatut kuvat ja niiden jakaminen on vastoin käyttöehtoja. Tsu sovellus on myös saatavilla mobiilina, sitäkautta liittyessäsi käytä kutsukoodina @hottonen suosittelija kohdassa. Kokeile tsu palvelua, et menetä mitään – tsu on ilmainen ja sinun ei ikinä tarvitse syöttää luottokortin yms. tietoja minnekään, voit lunastaa tienaamasi rahat Paypalin kautta tai halutessasi shekkinä kun olet ansainnut vähintään sata dollaria. Palvelun käyttöön tarvitset vain sähköpostiosoitteen. Tsuhun voi liittyä yksityinen henkilö, yritys tai yhteisö. Monet viralliset hyväntekeväisyysjärjestöt ovat liittyneet tsuhun, koska jäsenet voivat helposti lahjoittaa heille rahaa halutessaan, ansaitsemistaan rahoista - suoraan tsu lompakostaan, kuluton minimilahjoitus on yksi sentti. Tule kurkkaamaan mitä minä olen julkaissut tsussa http://www.tsu.co/hottonen ja jos kiinnostuit, sieltä sivun oikeasta ylälaidasta löytyy vaaleansininen ’Join’ liittymisnappi. Meitä Suomalaisia on alati kasvava määrä palvelussa. Tervetuloa tsuuttaamaan, Jari-Pekka Helenius tsu.co/hottonen
  4. The New Social Hi, I'm Steve and I'm a social media enthusiast. I am fascinated by the possibilities of social media to bring people together to do great things. A friend invited me to Tsu when it first started. I was initially drawn in by the potential to make money, but I discovered it was much more than that. It's a social network designed to reward creators. It's not about spamming people with content you do not own in the hope of making a few cents. It's about building a following of people who are genuinely interested in what you do. You can engage with each other to encourage and discuss. The money you make is a bonus. Earning If you choose to join Tsu then please use my link http://www.tsu.co/steevc. By doing that I will earn a commission based on what you make. You can do the same thing by inviting your friends to join too. Not only could that earn you some money, but it will give you an audience. If they recruit too then you also earn from that, but in diminishing amounts for each further generation of Tsu users (see infographic). There are people on Tsu earning hundreds of dollars each month, mainly by building such a network of active users. Non-active 'children' will not earn you anything, so keep encouraging them. You also earn from views on your own posts, but that will depend on the size of your audience. We are not all media superstars, but even I manage to get hundreds of views on a post that make me a few cents. Tsu also has channels that bring together people with a shared interest. Be aware that administrators are likely to remove any posts that are not relevant to the channel and that may result in you being banned. Charity Charity is a major part of Tsu. Charities can submit their paperwork to Tsu and are then able to accept donations from any users. Thousands of dollars have been raised in this way. There are various competitions and challenges where people make their donations, but everyone can make their own choices about how they donate and whether they do so publicly or privately. The Tsu Market The final aspect of the Tsu financial model is that users can transfer money between themselves. This allows people to sell goods and services for Tsu dollars. So even if you do not reach the payout threshold of $100 you can still use the money you make. There are artists selling paintings, musicians selling music and web designers selling their services among many more. Tsu will take a small commission on such transfers to fund their operations. When you get to $100 you can opt to get paid. Currently that can be via a US$ check/cheque, Paypal or a Western Union transfer. The latter two will involve paying some commission, but a cheque may not be viable in all countries. The Tsu staff will check your feed before they pay. If you have been breaking the rules by posting content that belongs to others then they can refuse to pay, so be original! So come and join us on The New Social, where you get rewarded for producing good content. There is an alternative. http://www.tsu.co/steevc Recruitment Post your Tsu link anywhere you can with an explanation of why you think people should join up. Reach out to your friends on other social media sites to let them know there is an alternative. Use links to your Tsu posts to bring people in, Make the content exclusive to Tsu to make it more attractive. Tsu Songs By the way, I was so excited by Tsu that I have written a couple of songs about it. I hope you enjoy them: The Tsu Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boK3ep5AqiY That's the way you Tsu it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y3tOWl_bX8