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Found 3 results

  1. Maybe you are curious who is the founder of WowApp, let me introduce this man: Thomas C. Knobel, founder of WowApp Thomas has long history in telecomunications industry and his company Nobel, Ltd. was found in 1998 and was awarded as 79th fastest growing company in the United States in 2004. Thomas has claims he has invested 30M Euro and several years of development into WowApp with team of 70 programmers in Bucharest, Romania. You can find him in several interviews or in the official WowApp video called "Doing Good Through Power of Sharing":
  2. There is an interesting interview in some Romanian TV show about latest information technologies. The video is dubbed in Romanian language but you can hear the original in English if you listen carefully:
  3. Another interesting interview with Thomas C. Knobel, founder of WowApp. There is also few interesting screens of his network in the video It starts from 10th minute: http://www.digi24.ro/Emisiuni/Digi24/2.0/Arhiva+inregistrari/2.0+Gadget++6+decembrie+11+30+2015
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