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Found 18 results

  1. Ve WowApp jsou k dispozici následující metody výplaty: Charita - můžete své výdělky darovat kterékoliv z více než 2000 charitativních organizací z celého světa (včetně českých a slovenských). WowCredit - používá se na placené hovory na pevné linky i mobily, například na levné mezinárodní hovory. Hovory mezi WowApp uživateli jsou vždy zdarma. Mobilní kredit - lze dobít kredit předplacené karty. Bohužel v Česku a na Slovensku toto zatím nefunguje, ale pokud jste například v zarhraničí, můžete si tímto způsobem dobíjet předplacenou SIM kartu. Kreditní/debetní karta - jednoduše vyplníte údaje o své kartě a peníze přijdou na účet, ke kterému je karta vedena. PayPal - asi nejznámější internetová "peněženka". Převodem na účet - vyplníte údaje o svém bankovním účtu a do několika dní na něj přijdou peníze. Níže se můžete podívat na video, ve kterém jsem popsal, jak probíhá výběr na kreditní kartu:
  2. The section "Paid Checks" on tsuforum.com was made just with one purpose/intention - I wanted to collect as many evidence about tsu payments as possible. The reason was simple - people usually don't believe in new things until they see the proof with their own eyes. I just wanted to show people that tsu works and support its credibility as much as possible. That was also the intention behind the website tsuforum.com. Now, after almost 1 year, I can say that tsu has proven to be working and paying its users. I was also paid on PayPal as you can see here: Today, I wanted to do my usual routine - to search for real tsu payments in the last few days or weeks. I didn't expect what I've found. After just searching one of my usual hashtags, there was so much payments that I told myself - "Ok, I can't do this for the rest of my life, there is enough evidence now." So let's do a little summary on this: I've started collecting links to the tsu payments on 9th of December 2014. Up to date, there is about more than 80 links to these payments, many of them paid to international users (Egypt, Indonesia, Europe, India, etc.) In this post, you can find all the links to tsu payments I've found. I have no doubt there is much more of these payments - either I didn't find them or people just don't make them public. Use this list to support tsu credibility amongst your friends or doubters: The very first public check on tsu ever by Kevin Hinkle - $100 http://www.tsu.co/AFromm/69117994- $1500 (biggest known) https://www.tsu.co/Kevinhinkle/15604963- $200 https://www.tsu.co/AFromm/8917154- $100 https://www.tsu.co/Selfiene/20235614- $100 https://www.tsu.co/AFromm/25018882- $100 https://www.tsu.co/zack_laspalmas/28280083- $100 https://www.tsu.co/duncan/28115358- $100 https://www.tsu.co/Socialzine/29050890- $100 https://www.tsu.co/delo01/30245203- $100 http://www.tsu.co/freecode/37517518- $100 (PayPal) https://www.tsu.co/DetroitWaterBrigade/38732691- $450 https://www.tsu.co/DustinWStout/41304381- $110.23 https://www.tsu.co/Kevinhinkle/45015444- $300 http://www.tsu.co/kimberlyhmusic/52709328- $916.50 http://www.tsu.co/RexDow/54969506- $100 http://www.tsu.co/hometheaterexpert/54425628- $100 http://www.tsu.co/DexterRoona/55278682- $100 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/AnnaLieb/55136852- $102 http://www.tsu.co/KlausD/64674511- $300 http://www.tsu.co/avgantura/64916405- €231.21 (Western Union) http://www.tsu.co/AuthenticJournalism/66553323- $233.84 http://www.tsu.co/DexterRoona/67093958- $100 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/danibiondi/67076609- $125 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/beyondeee/67045787- $220.73 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/chrisalta/55552163- $110.29 http://www.tsu.co/Drootin/68558805- $100 http://www.tsu.co/Authicle/69207087- $250 http://www.tsu.co/OfficialTuckybot/69609555- $100 http://www.tsu.co/PawPromiseRescue/69976254- $325.67 http://www.tsu.co/OfficialTuckybot/70724082- $100 http://www.tsu.co/BWDaugherty/70765512- $600 http://www.tsu.co/evryonesacritic/71110768- $116 http://www.tsu.co/JUMOWA/71826490- €84.15 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/Rozewood/71813339- $100 http://www.tsu.co/barbara0/71902469- $116 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/Drootin/72226584- $300 http://www.tsu.co/EazieDaGod/72276792- $216 http://www.tsu.co/domain1/61278770- $300 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/Rebeccabe/72511877- $100 http://www.tsu.co/AFromm/73013509- $500 http://www.tsu.co/halwilliamson/73053688- $100 http://www.tsu.co/pmonica/71802437- $100 http://www.tsu.co/antoniodavid1/74205337- $100 http://www.tsu.co/dajuanie123/74880713- $100 http://www.tsu.co/alexdaniel/75432641- $100.70 http://www.tsu.co/sudaya/72617037- $100 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/ChristosFellas/75456904- $100 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/donnastewart/75631180- $240 http://www.tsu.co/post/77210574- $400 http://www.tsu.co/toddfalzone/79083052- $200 http://www.tsu.co/EazieDaGod/79991866- $920 https://www.tsu.co/mkmohallem/80769454- $100 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/Ferrarii_Tes/81468123- $400 http://www.tsu.co/JoshuaMcDonaldCo/81155614- $100 http://www.tsu.co/asnardocet/81165740- €337.79 (Western Union) http://www.tsu.co/Mandyyx12/81201161- $100 http://www.tsu.co/Blessedxoxo/80765083- $168 http://www.tsu.co/AKenyanVoice/80615305- $100 http://www.tsu.co/AdamMak/80611230- $100 (Western Union) http://www.tsu.co/KARKARMAMA/78086676- $100 http://www.tsu.co/Kawaakari/78130628- $130.62 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/RockStarMVP/78205324- $120 http://www.tsu.co/mbratz123/78228040- $100 http://www.tsu.co/VioletaPavlovska/78620971- $100 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/chandruslm/78754928- $100 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/Poetic_Steam_Hippie/79045243- $100 http://www.tsu.co/Kevinhinkle/79168384- $221.83 http://www.tsu.co/ShawnaLomax/79360194- $105 http://www.tsu.co/801Drew/79854334- $100 http://www.tsu.co/SilverTorch/80221485- $200 http://www.tsu.co/eneri/80291135- $100 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/Heatherperk/80295829- $100 http://www.tsu.co/pavlos2015/80300166- $100 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/judyp30/80543367- $100 http://www.tsu.co/Alexander_Kroening/80604336 - $100 http://www.tsu.co/ArielJ83/83331040 - $230 http://www.tsu.co/waqarzaka/83556152 - $200.16 http://www.tsu.co/xxsweetcharlottexx/83539478 - $115.02 http://www.tsu.co/Chiaaa/83699148 - $147 http://www.tsu.co/m_80lane/83351109 - $100 http://www.tsu.co/Akucaem/82651792 - $100 (Western Union) http://www.tsu.co/m_80lane/82280394 - $100 http://www.tsu.co/Blessedxoxo/82233780 - $168 http://www.tsu.co/tsucialrevolution/82151769 - $100 http://www.tsu.co/sergiomendes/82033455 - $100 (PayPal) http://www.tsu.co/SeanLogan/82024982 - $101.50 http://www.tsu.co/rajguru7/83863598 - $100 (Western Union)
  3. After WowApp removed their minimum withdrawal amount, it seems many users get their money cashed out pretty quickly. This one claims to be paid within 1 day on PayPal: And this one within 2 business days on credit card: That is really fast and it must be automated because WowApp doesn't need to check users content. The last one claims to withdraw about 100 USD in three payments: Fingers crossed to this application, it seems like many people are cashing out now so I'm curious how it will impact the user growth in upcoming months.
  4. Hello Guys, I d like to ask, if you know it, what is better PayPal or Western Union. I dont have any experience with Western Uinon, I think it is the same like PayPal right, but Western Union has subdivisions right in city... Any short clue? Thank you
  5. Let's use this forum for collecting the proofs of real WowApp payments - if you see somewhere a proof that someone was paid, create a new topic about it. I think we can see first payments in the Q1 of 2016. The withdrawal limit of $20 is very benevolent, so we could see quite a lot of them in the next year.
  6. I will have enough Wowcoins to cash out from WowApp in January. However, they have a policy that users have their earnings available after 60 days from the date they have been credited to your WowApp account. The reason is due to advertisers who probably need the time to find out if the traffic on WowApp is genuine or spam. Nobody wants to buy advertising from website or service with spam traffic. Read the official info from WowApp website: Earnings: Earnings are generated from TALK (paid calls and WowApp number purchases) and from ADVERTISE ME (all Ads you and your 8 Levels network see on the Website, Computer & Mobile Phone) Available Earnings: Earnings generated from TALK are available the same day. Due to terms established by our partners, earnings generated from ADVERTISE ME are available after 60 days.
  7. If this guy is from Kenya (it looks like), then $100 is quite a good amount of money for him. All the best! http://www.tsu.co/AKenyanVoice/80615305
  8. Congratulations to Mena, also in Egypt, hundred bucks is quite a lot of money, enjoy! http://www.tsu.co/AdamMak/80611230
  9. Link to the original post - https://www.tsu.co/mkmohallem/80769454
  10. Another happy tsuer - http://www.tsu.co/ChristosFellas/75456904
  11. He is not active much and I guess all of his earnings comes from his network - http://www.tsu.co/domain1/61278770
  12. It seems like the number of payments is accelerating now, which is good news for all http://www.tsu.co/barbara0/71902469(at this moment with 5000 Friends & 5298 Followers)
  13. So this is my first revenue redemption from tsu. I have donated probably another $200+ to the charity during the time. http://www.tsu.co/TomasPaul/71552672
  14. 16 years old guy is now claiming to make more than $7 per day on tsu (according to his post here - http://www.tsu.co/danibiondi/66519439 ) his monthly income is now six time bigger than before link to the post - http://www.tsu.co/danibiondi/67076609
  15. Laura Bondi is now claiming her second payment from tsu. Good job Laura! http://www.tsu.co/beyondeee/67045787
  16. Another payment for Dexter can be found here - http://www.tsu.co/DexterRoona/67093958he has donated these money to the charity. Congratulations Dexter!
  17. Another person paid by PayPal - Dexter Roona - http://www.tsu.co/DexterRoona/54410861 Screen of the payment - http://www.tsu.co/DexterRoona/55278682 Congratulations Dexter!
  18. steevc

    A payout scam?

    What do you think, is this a scam? https://www.tsu.co/rafhous/39590205 Send him your money and he will share it back when he gets enough for a payout? I wouldn't trust a stranger for this, but it might be possible between (real) friends. Is it against the Tsu terms?
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