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  1. steevc

    Tsu Market

    This isn't run by Tsu, but it's a cool new site set up by Brian Daugherty http://tsumarket.com/ It's a directory of people and companies who are accepting payments in Tsu dollars. Not many there yet, but expect it to grow.
  2. RESPONSE FROM TSU in regard to those who have left me their accounts which have been banned pleas help
  3. Maria Daugherty $100.369 Maria already 3rd check, this has mark 100 USD. TSU social network, it pays you for nothing http://www.tsu.co/nocliche/127133194
  4. Violeta Pavlovska $100.22 Thank you friends and followers, oh yeah, but don't forget to thank your network http://www.tsu.co/nocliche/127015855
  5. In my time on Tsu I've not had many days where I made more than $1. I have 3700 followers and 850 children, but I was mainly earning from whatever views I could get on my posts and that would only be around 50-70 per post. That changed over Xmas when I gained some children who have been active and are getting lots of views. I hit a peak of $2 on Xmas day. That's from just a couple of children out of the hundreds. If even 10% were active I'd have a nice little income. I got my first payout at the start of December, which took over a year to earn. It looks like the next one couple co
  6. Hello, I guess who posts good original content gets more money.. Can you confirm? I think they use some coefficient and algorithm for this. And one else thing, if my child has for example 5000 followers and monetization is 1$ per day, it doesnt mean 0.3$ for me, right, it s actually less.
  7. Like yesterday, my royalties haven't yet arrived today... Is anyone else having the same problem?
  8. TSU je sociální síť, která vám platí. Průměrný uživatel TSU si může reálně vydělat několik tisíc až několik desítek tisíc měsíčně. Jedná se o trend, který budeme za několik let vidět častěji, protože doba se mění a začíná se mluvit o tom, že uživatelé mají právo na zisk, který plyne z používání sociální sítě. Tento jev můžeme již nyní vidět na jiných platformách. Na YouTube uživatelé berou 55% ze zisku jejich videí, pak tady máme aplikaci pro taxi služby Uber a další. S TSU je to jednoduché. Tuto síť stačí používat jako běžnou sociální síť, uživatelé dávají na zeď své příspě
  9. TSU social network information and registration Hello to all! TSU is the new generation of social networks, that pays you for using it. It was founded in September 2014 by vysionary Sebastian Sobczak. The special thing on TSU is that you can use it normally like the common social networks now but only TSU pays 90% of ad revenues its users. How simple is it. You don't have to anything special. You can post whatever on your feed, your ideas, activites, photos, videos and links. You can like the posts, comment and share. So, absolutely the same activity like on common social netw
  10. http://www.tsu.co/JUMOWA/76364773 200 collected. Around 30 dollars donated. Waiting for the transfer
  11. It´s that day. http://www.tsu.co/JUMOWA/65857264 Next 11 dollars earned on tsu will go to UnitedDonations
  12. Have people noticed their daily earnings fluctuating? Mine had been going up and down a lot, even when views did not change much. Today they shot up to a new high. According to Hinkle Tsu applied a fix last night to correct some issues with this, so maybe we just get what was due. I'd love to make this much every day, but that seems unlikely for now http://www.tsu.co/Kevinhinkle/64951912
  13. I know some people could do this before, bit now it seems that anyone can send less than a dollar. I've wanted this for a while. Even if you only have a few cents you can contribute to a charity or tip an artist you like. I've sent some small amounts to a few people http://www.tsu.co/post/55326314
  14. Have you earned as much as you were expecting? Are you positively surprised or are you disappointed? share your views
  15. Yesterday I made 24 cents. I have now more than 13 dollars. Still it is growing slower than it seemed in December, when it was growing day by day until it reached 49 cents a day. That was pretty nice. unfortunately many friends became inactive during Christmas and it is almost impossible to replace them... I made a suggestion post about how to improve that... Anyway, it is still much more than I've ever made on Facebook
  16. I think there were a post about that theme. I want to share my online business opportunities with you. But If there is another post about this I will do there. Just tell me. http://captcha.365.pm At this link above you can type the unique code called captcha and get paid. It is not very mutch, but you can do it whenever you like how mutch you like. Very good opportunity for me to earn while I am resting or have some usless free time, breaks, etc.
  17. "Any doubters still there?" (Kevin's tsu quote) this is just one of the many Kevin's checks, if you want, you can go deep into his history and you will find more! And you can post them here https://www.tsu.co/Kevinhinkle/15604963
  18. Follow these simple steps: 1. Recruit 100 Children 2. Teach them to do the same 3. If each user in your Network (up to only 3rd level) generates just net $1:
  19. Saw this on tsu (picture below) some time ago and didn´t check those systems out yet - maybe one of you has?! What do you know or think about hooking everything together and sharing everything everywhere? With that said i wonder when to stop hooking all platforms together. I bet there are people who are "everywhere" Myself, im registered at TSU duh! Facebook, Twitter, Vine (not using though) Instagram, Pinterest, Worldpress for blogs (just started) and 2 or 3 forums How about you? Any sites you can recommend for getting your word out?
  20. Places to advertise: Strong Business Alberta British Columbia Manitoba - Free Local Classified Ads Site Promotion Kiev, website promotion Kiev, Ukraine. backpage.com - - PennySaverUSA itsmymarket.com - classifieds, local news, community events Log in - Classified Ads Registration Success- Classifieds For Free craigslist: choose new password eBay Classifieds: My Ads Free Local Classified Ads Everywhere registration is required, but is free advertising. A small suggestion: if you feel better you specify a single password for all classifieds. This should be the most visited classifieds
  21. Friends If you are friends with a user, than each of you automatically follow each other, and you will share both levels of content in your feeds (‘Public’ and ‘Friends Only’ posts). We do not yet have ‘Private’ or ‘Restricted’ options to control content visibility to Friends. We suggest only befriending people you actually know or want to know. Trust us on this one! Followers If you follow a user, you can see their ‘Public’ posts. Users you follow will not see your ‘Public’ posts unless they choose to follow you. Likewise you can have Followers that you choose not to Follow.
  22. How to do this, who will explain? Come on, ideas are welcome!
  23. May someone tell me about payment algorythm in tsu? They said me its everywhere in tsu.co but I cannot find anything. Or maybe my English is too bad.
  24. Hello, This is not so much a question as it is a suggestion. We only have 50 pending friend requests at a time, but there are people who turn inactive and to whom we asked friendship, which means they are "occupying" one of our requests. Couldn't we had a "tab" with the "friend requests" we made, so that we could track them and cancel the inactive ones, to be able to ask another person? Thank you very much. Sara
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