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Found 10 results

  1. Valeriya Miroshnichenko

    Chase Paymentech – Magento

    Hello!It’s time to present you the Chase Paymentech Extension developed by MageDirect professionals. We guarantee smooth work and excellent usability. Be sure to get support from our side if you have any questions. To find out more about the module’s benefits and features, read the article: https://magedirect.co/product/chase-paymentech-magento/.
  2. Valeriya Miroshnichenko

    Magento 2 Demo Store with Sample Data & Admin access

    Magento 2 Demo Store with Sample Data & Admin access is the latest Magento solution by the MageDirect team, that propose you to take a look at the admin panel of Magento 2 store and at the frontend part. Manage the products on this Demo Magento 2 store, make any changes! Read more about the solution here: https://magedirect.co/magento-2-demo/.
  3. Valeriya Miroshnichenko

    Magento 2 Extension Development

    Our team has extensive experience in developing Magento 2 Extensions for very diverse tasks. We observe the most popular themes of functionality that customers need currently, namely: • Customer experience features • Integrations with third-party systems • Sales automation • Sales Motivations • Solutions for B2B You can also purchase ready-made solutions for your Magento 2 site in our store: https://magedirect.co/product-category/magento-2-extensions/.
  4. Since the release of the newest version of Magento eCommerce platform, choice of the appropriate version became one of the most discussed topics. We hope that this article could help you to make a right decision.Definitely, it was added a wide variety of great features and updates in the second version of Magento, such as user-friendly admin page, framework improvements, support latest versions of PHP, Varnish etc. But can I say that Magento 2 could certainly fit your business needs? Let’s take a look at the difference between these versions: https://magedirect.co/magento-1-vs-magento-2-what-is-more-appropriate-for-your-business/.
  5. Valentyn Kubrak

    TOP 10 Magento Jewelry Sites

    Every woman wants to look cute and gorgeous and jewelry is always useful in this case. However, it is difficult to find what you want. So, we create this list of TOP 10 Magento Jewelry Sites in order to help you in finding the right stone, jewelry or accessories which will accompany you in all significant moments of life. Read about it here: https://techcluster.co/resources/top-10-magento-jewelry-sites/.
  6. Valentyn Kubrak

    TOP 10 Magento Eyewear sites

    Are you looking for a good pair of glasses or sunglasses but cannot find an appropriate one? Our list of TOP 10 Magento Eyewear Sites will help you to find glasses which you will wear with pleasure! You can take a look at it here: https://techcluster.co/resources/top-10-magento-eyewear-sites/.
  7. Valentyn Kubrak

    TOP 10 Magento Furniture Sites

    Are you looking for quality furniture and home decor? Do you want to change something in your house or flat? Nowadays there are so many websites and it becomes difficult to choose one where you can find everything you need. But with the help of TOP 10 Magento Furniture Sites, it will be easier. Read about it more here: https://techcluster.co/resources/top-10-magento-furniture-sites/.
  8. Valeriya Miroshnichenko

    9 Reasons to Make your Magento Site a PWA

    If you wonder how to get more from an online store, we have a great solution. Have you ever thought about creating a mobile application? There we share 9 reasons to make your Magento site a PWA. Follow modern technology and look at what will happen to your marketplace in the future. All the necessary information is provided on this page: https://magedirect.co/9-reasons-to-make-your-magento-site-a-pwa/.
  9. Valeriya Miroshnichenko

    How to speed up Magento 2. Maximum Performance

    Hello! Do you know the best methods for Magento 2 speed up? Thanks to large experience in Magento optimization service, the MageDirect team collected all the best practices for this significant service. We collected useful tools for Load testing, Analysis, Audit, Debugging and Monitoring systems. Parts of code, that you need to use, are included. Take a look at them here: https://magedirect.co/how-to-speed-up-magento-2-maximum-performance/.
  10. Valeriya Miroshnichenko

    Hello from ecommerce company

    Hello, friends! My name is Valeriya. I would like to provide you a short description of MageDirect Team. It is not just an agency, which includes coders, it is a Team of eCommerce specialists with a large experience of the development services. Our main expertise is Magento Development services and we have successfully finished projects for both Magento versions. Do you have an own eCommerce store or just want to start an eCommerce business. I hope that it will be useful for you in case if you are looking for a reliable team of Magento Experts and eCommerce specialists. We can provide you Magento development services or Magento developer, that fits your requirements, just contact us and find more information on our website: https://magedirect.co/.