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Found 9 results

  1. To anyone who would like to hook up on the WoW https://www.wowapp.com/w/kal_moone/Michael-Clarke
  2. There is lots of ways how to invite people to your WowApp network - you can invite them by email, SMS, social networks, etc. All you need to do is to set up your personal page and send this personal page to your friends. It will be the first thing they will see and you can customize it well - you can add your personal message or video to your personal page. See the official video about 'how to invite to WowApp':
  3. Hello and welcome to my personal tsu invitation, Maybe you already heard about the new social network called tsu, maybe you didn't. However, this is my way to introduce you this social media because I believe it will change the world of social media and the world how internet works in general. Tsu is a social network with conscience and it works like a real world – or at least how it should work. People are compensated for the content they create. If you are an artist, photographer, networker, influencer, charity or you want to promote your business or just selfies, tsu is the right place to be on. What I like the most about tsu? On tsu – you own your content and you get revenue from what your content earns on advertising. In fact, the revenue share is very fair – tsu gives back 90% of advertising income back to users. 45% goes to the content creator, 45% is split up in the chain of people who invited this person. You can withdraw tsu money by check or to your PayPal account once you reach $100, You can donate your earnings to charities, Buy goods and services or Transfer the money to your friends. Sounds good? Yes, it is… My tsu invitation Tsu is an invite only social platform. That means you have to use invitation from someone who is already active on the network. This invitation is also called ‘Short Code’ and it’s nothing else than your username. My invitation is ‘TomPeace’ (which is also my tsu username). You can also type into your browser the address www.tsu.co/TomPeace to join tsu. Once you join tsu, I suggest you to reconnect your other social networks – tsu is much bigger fun with friends and I have now described how you can easily invite them. Just send them link to your profile or give them your username (eg. Short Code). Enjoy the time on tsu and don’t forget to check my profile. I’m pretty sure you will like this network, it has a nice and fresh design and most importantly – there has never been something like this. So let's join the revolution! Facebook censorship If you will try to send your tsu invitation to your friends on Facebook, you should be aware of recent Facebook censorship against tsu. You can read more in this article (and dozens of others). Regards, Tomas
  4. Come and join us on The New Social via my invite link: http://www.tsu.co/NajetAk I joined TSU since two monthes ago, it is an online social networking service and payment platform like Facbook I meet a new people around the world , I found fun,.... I have my own channel about kids http://www.tsu.co/groups/only-kids, Join Us as we share a beautiful moment of kids Tsu is unique for its originality, so let's be original Peace and Love
  5. Hello WowApp is on the internet just two months and have over 500.000 members on the world... More and more people already have some real money from WowApp. This is similar like Skype, WhatsApp and Messenger, but WowApp have a big benefit for us - You can earn real money on this platform, WowApp gives back 70% of earnings among users, who are active on this platform... It has a lot of functions: chat, calls, video calls, you can send files, photos etc. There is my earnings growth: : WowApp is available on: App Store Google play for Windows for Mac Each user have his personal page, And you can invite your friends or people on the all world. on personal page you have few videos with information for you. I share one: WowApp invitation for you: You can registered just over invite from active users on WowApp, so my invitation for you is here: - https://www.wowapp.com/w/libor.leikep/Libor-Leikep I am on WowApp 2 months and its really works well When you join me so find me and we can talk about WowApp and a lot of things So join on WowApp and enjoy
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to introduce you to WowApp - instant messagging service that pays its users. This app works exactly like Skype or WhatsApp - you can chat with friends, make calls, video calls, create groups, send files or whatever you can think about. There is just one extra bonus - WowApp pays its users 70% of the company's profit (eg the revenue from paid calls or advertising). Let me describe these two revenue streams for you: Advertising - everytime you see an add on WowApp, you are actually earning. And everytime someone in your network see an ad, you are earning, too. This is the same principle as you can see on social network tsu. Paid Calls - you can call to any mobile or landline in the world by using WowApp at very competitive prices. It works exactly as Skype - you buy credit and you can call to anyone anywhere. However, WowApp gives back 70% of profits from these paid calls back to users. So everytime someone in your network make a paid call, you are earning. My earnings in the last three weeks: WowApp is invite only - you need to register with personal page of someone who is already a member. My personal page is - https://www.wowapp.com/w/tompeace/Tom-Peace If you join WowApp with my personal page, you will appear in my network. You can also send me a friend request and I will be happy to chat with you personally if I'm not busy! Everyone on WowApp has its own personal page and this is how you can grow your network - if you and your friends will use WowApp instead of WhatsApp or Skype, you can earn some nice extra cash each month. I believe this can be an competition to these giants in the same manner as tsu can be huge competition to Facebook. Withdrawal threshold is set to $20 which is very accessible for almost everyone. You can withdraw your money to PayPal, credit card or bank account. I really like this app and you can read my WowApp review here, or you can try the app and write your own! Why join WowApp? This official video explains everything in two minutes:
  7. Let's make something cool together! My idea is following: Create a new topic with your own personal invitation to tsu The post must be at least 1500 characters long and it should be using keywords like "tsu invite", "tsu invitation", etc. Have your own registration button all over the tsuforum for FREE! Do you see the green buttons after the first post in each topic? There are also buttons after the first topic in each forum. And this button is also atthe bottom of every single page. That means 3 places that could display your registration link on tsuforum = many people will see it. What does it mean for us? If we can create good original content with our invitations, people will find us on Google. There is also lot of very useful content about tsu on tsuforum and lots of people visit this website each day to find more informations about tsu. That's the great moment to give them your invitation. Everyone can participate in this project - this is team work. Everyone who submits original topic about their tsu invitation will have their registration button here. The more people join this, the better for all of us - if 100 people write their personal invitation here, the more visitors will come and the bigger chance of getting new children for all of us. You can use your own language if you wish - there is no limit anywhere. Just be original, write about tsu, write the truth, don't hate anyone and most importantly - enjoy it! Any questions? Leave a reply... (once there will be enough topics in this forum, the buttons will not be so close together - which looks quite bad now. So let's write something :)) Rules: 1. Too much links to your tsu profile in your posts will be edited
  8. How to promote your code? You can promote your tsu code on this website in two ways: Write your own blog and assign your invitation, Discuss on the forums and create your signature (read this post): Before you create your signature, you should read... Signature rules: Maximum font size is 24 Maximum of 160 characters Maximum of 1 URL in your signature (enough for your invitation code ) Signature is the ONLY 1 place where you can promote your Short Code No Pictures This tutorial will show you how to create signature on these forums with your tsu.co invitation code. If you will post in the forums or write your own blog, people from all around the World can see your signature. So you can get Children from that. To create a signature, you must be registered and logged in: 1. Click on your username in the top right corner, then click 'My Profile': 2. Click on 'Edit my Profile': 3. On the left side click on 'Signature': 4. Standard editor will appear and you can type your tsu.co invitation code in:
  9. Source: HOW TO EARN?
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