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Found 8 results

  1. Come and join us on The New Social via my invite link: http://www.tsu.co/NajetAk I joined TSU since two monthes ago, it is an online social networking service and payment platform like Facbook I meet a new people around the world , I found fun,.... I have my own channel about kids http://www.tsu.co/groups/only-kids, Join Us as we share a beautiful moment of kids Tsu is unique for its originality, so let's be original Peace and Love
  2. Let's make something cool together! My idea is following: Create a new topic with your own personal invitation to tsu The post must be at least 1500 characters long and it should be using keywords like "tsu invite", "tsu invitation", etc. Have your own registration button all over the tsuforum for FREE! Do you see the green buttons after the first post in each topic? There are also buttons after the first topic in each forum. And this button is also atthe bottom of every single page. That means 3 places that could display your registration link on tsuforum = many people will see it. What does it mean for us? If we can create good original content with our invitations, people will find us on Google. There is also lot of very useful content about tsu on tsuforum and lots of people visit this website each day to find more informations about tsu. That's the great moment to give them your invitation. Everyone can participate in this project - this is team work. Everyone who submits original topic about their tsu invitation will have their registration button here. The more people join this, the better for all of us - if 100 people write their personal invitation here, the more visitors will come and the bigger chance of getting new children for all of us. You can use your own language if you wish - there is no limit anywhere. Just be original, write about tsu, write the truth, don't hate anyone and most importantly - enjoy it! Any questions? Leave a reply... (once there will be enough topics in this forum, the buttons will not be so close together - which looks quite bad now. So let's write something :)) Rules: 1. Too much links to your tsu profile in your posts will be edited
  3. TSU social network information and registration Hello to all! TSU is the new generation of social networks, that pays you for using it. It was founded in September 2014 by vysionary Sebastian Sobczak. The special thing on TSU is that you can use it normally like the common social networks now but only TSU pays 90% of ad revenues its users. How simple is it. You don't have to anything special. You can post whatever on your feed, your ideas, activites, photos, videos and links. You can like the posts, comment and share. So, absolutely the same activity like on common social networks. On TSU you have virtual account with money only from TSU but this money has the same value as real money. You can send it to your PayPal account, bank account and even to your friends and charities on TSU all over the world for free. 90% of ad revenues goes back to users! Invite your friends, use TSU together and get paid! How much do you get? If you invite your friends from Facebook or other social networks, you will earn $10 every day ($300 per month) for the same activity like on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. From the start you get some cents but it will be better, the profil rises exponentially with the number of friends invited by you to TSU. The TSU users who have now $15 per day got the first dollar after one month but after 3 months they had $10, so use TSU normal way and you get the bonus. Good start is to invite your 10 good friends. For people is TSU totally new thing, so explain it with patience. Important thing on TSU is that you can support charities. We have a here over 60 non-profit charities. You can support them by sharing their posts and of course you can send them the money. For example every friday we have action on TSU, it calls Five Cent Friday. The users send $0.05 to some charity. Every day are active more than 100 000 users, so 100 000 x $0.05 = $5 000, for one month $20 000. It is very simple and effective. Join TSU today, have fun and earn free money. Create profile here. After you join, uplodad the profile photo, fill the profile information, check the settings, follow some interesting profiles and the most important thing - invite your friends from other social networks or send them invite email. Have fun on TSU and enjoy the money. Martin VE
  4. The New Social Hi, I'm Steve and I'm a social media enthusiast. I am fascinated by the possibilities of social media to bring people together to do great things. A friend invited me to Tsu when it first started. I was initially drawn in by the potential to make money, but I discovered it was much more than that. It's a social network designed to reward creators. It's not about spamming people with content you do not own in the hope of making a few cents. It's about building a following of people who are genuinely interested in what you do. You can engage with each other to encourage and discuss. The money you make is a bonus. Earning If you choose to join Tsu then please use my link http://www.tsu.co/steevc. By doing that I will earn a commission based on what you make. You can do the same thing by inviting your friends to join too. Not only could that earn you some money, but it will give you an audience. If they recruit too then you also earn from that, but in diminishing amounts for each further generation of Tsu users (see infographic). There are people on Tsu earning hundreds of dollars each month, mainly by building such a network of active users. Non-active 'children' will not earn you anything, so keep encouraging them. You also earn from views on your own posts, but that will depend on the size of your audience. We are not all media superstars, but even I manage to get hundreds of views on a post that make me a few cents. Tsu also has channels that bring together people with a shared interest. Be aware that administrators are likely to remove any posts that are not relevant to the channel and that may result in you being banned. Charity Charity is a major part of Tsu. Charities can submit their paperwork to Tsu and are then able to accept donations from any users. Thousands of dollars have been raised in this way. There are various competitions and challenges where people make their donations, but everyone can make their own choices about how they donate and whether they do so publicly or privately. The Tsu Market The final aspect of the Tsu financial model is that users can transfer money between themselves. This allows people to sell goods and services for Tsu dollars. So even if you do not reach the payout threshold of $100 you can still use the money you make. There are artists selling paintings, musicians selling music and web designers selling their services among many more. Tsu will take a small commission on such transfers to fund their operations. When you get to $100 you can opt to get paid. Currently that can be via a US$ check/cheque, Paypal or a Western Union transfer. The latter two will involve paying some commission, but a cheque may not be viable in all countries. The Tsu staff will check your feed before they pay. If you have been breaking the rules by posting content that belongs to others then they can refuse to pay, so be original! So come and join us on The New Social, where you get rewarded for producing good content. There is an alternative. http://www.tsu.co/steevc Recruitment Post your Tsu link anywhere you can with an explanation of why you think people should join up. Reach out to your friends on other social media sites to let them know there is an alternative. Use links to your Tsu posts to bring people in, Make the content exclusive to Tsu to make it more attractive. Tsu Songs By the way, I was so excited by Tsu that I have written a couple of songs about it. I hope you enjoy them: The Tsu Song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boK3ep5AqiY That's the way you Tsu it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Y3tOWl_bX8
  5. You are invited to join my tsū-family by using shortcode tomppako or via link www.tsu.co/tomppako With Tsu you don’t just gain access to your friends, distant acquaintances, and even strangers. You communicate mostly through photos of your daily activities and life. You get to be a part of their journey by seeing yourself how their pet dog is doing or how cool that new car they bought is. Also you see the inner artist in people; people are posting content created by them and you’ll find out that the original content you are sharing is like golden nuggets – worth sharing! Just by posting the photo of your knitting project or the cake you made, you find out that there are people who think it looks amazing, even when you thought it’s not that special. I have heard and read time after time how nice people are on Tsu. What I also like about Tsu is that you don’t have to be a professional photographer to publish your photos. In fact, I am an amateur mobile phone photographer and I am snapping photos when I see something I think looks good and interesting and I post it. By doing so, I have gotten a steady stream of new friends and followers and people like and share my posts. Tsu has become my hobby and I enjoy being there daily. Another aspect I love about Tsu is that it is very easy to support charities and donate the amount of your choosing, only limited by the balance of your Tsu bank, to the charity you wish to support. Minimum donation is one cent and there’s no fee when donating your earnings from your Tsu wallet. No credit card info is needed, if you have earned money, you can donate it straight from your Tsu earnings. Small donations have became very popular on Tsu and those small amounts from Tsu community combined has build wells to the people without water and now we are raising money to help homeless people to get a mobile warming station and many other different projects going on all the time. People are actively arranging friendly competitions, for example, we had a Halloween costume competition, and what’s unique is that usually when someone takes part of these competitions, in addition to competition prizes, the organizer donates x amount of money to the charity for each participant. All in all, everybody wins and does something truly special and good not for the money but because of their kindness and compassion. Interaction with the others is essential part of tsu-ing. Communicating by liking, sharing and posting meaningful comments help you to grow your follower base and more and more people will see your own posts. By sharing your own Tsu invitation link and shortcode you can ask your friends, co-workers, and everyone you know to join your own network and when they join Tsu they become a part of your Tsu family and you are paid a part of the ad revenue their actions generate. In my case, my Tsu username is tomppako, so my invitation link is www.tsu.co/tomppako and shortcode is tomppako. It is a good idea to choose the same username for all social networks. Having the same username makes sharing posts so much easier. I can be found on other social networks by the name @tomppako After joining Tsu please verify your email address by clicking the link on an email Tsu sends you. Also remember to upload your profile photo and a cover photo; those are important so people know you are an active user. Please take time to read Tsu FAQ. Tsu is different kind of social network and it is not allowed to post any content that does not belong to you. I am only posting original content myself and re-sharing content if I am reasonably sure the original sharer has the rights to that content. I don’t even follow people who post copyrighted content not belonging to them or share images found from the internet. You are automatically following your Tsu parent and if you use my invitation link above, you choose me as your Tsu-Father and then you’re following me. Feel free to visit my wall and check who I follow and follow them if you like their posts. Also don’t forget to send invitations to your friends to join. You can send invitation e-mails straight from Tsu. Thank You for reading this! Please say hello to me when you visit my page! Tsu.co/tomppako
  6. How to promote your code? You can promote your tsu code on this website in two ways: Write your own blog and assign your invitation, Discuss on the forums and create your signature (read this post): Before you create your signature, you should read... Signature rules: Maximum font size is 24 Maximum of 160 characters Maximum of 1 URL in your signature (enough for your invitation code ) Signature is the ONLY 1 place where you can promote your Short Code No Pictures This tutorial will show you how to create signature on these forums with your tsu.co invitation code. If you will post in the forums or write your own blog, people from all around the World can see your signature. So you can get Children from that. To create a signature, you must be registered and logged in: 1. Click on your username in the top right corner, then click 'My Profile': 2. Click on 'Edit my Profile': 3. On the left side click on 'Signature': 4. Standard editor will appear and you can type your tsu.co invitation code in:
  7. When you find an interesting person, send a message similar to the following. Replace the red field and optionally adjust the message. Hey ______, _____ Here I really love your _________name page_______ & wanted to thank you for sharing such great content about the ___ideas page___. You would make a killing on Tsu. I searched for your page over there & nothing came up. I assume you don't have one yet. Your TSU link Tsu is a social media site that pays you for your likes, comments & shares. They just launched a little over a month ago so its a great time to beat out all your competition. Hurry, it's the talk of the industry right now & millions are leaving FB per day. See for yourself below Your TSU link Great Brand Love your Page... __signature____________ Good luck calling and a lot of kids want!
  8. I have to greet you and say that I enjoy in this forum. I finished the electrical and I love it. But it's the only thing I did in my life, my great love is a movie or work in the theater. There I was spinning movies and other people like it, but the salary was very small. Anyway I enjoyed every movie looked free, super right. When the theater closed for the first time in my life I cried like a child, and I was 26 years old. Then the war in my country took my position, which did not bring any money but it brought great happiness. And here is so, money is not important. If You had the pleasure and many friends you st in the right place. Do you know more people who need a friend? Give them an invitation to TSU, what are you waiting for?
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