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Found 4 results

  1. In this forum, you can introduce yourself - your hobbies, your interest, everything related. You can write what do you do on tsu - what is your typical content, what do you write about, etc. So others will be able to find interesting people to follow. Please keep in mind that the only one place you can use your tsu invitation code is your signature - please do not post your invitation link (short code) in the text. We want to keep this community clean & useful so it would not be good to see thousands of invitations. Use this website & forums to write something interesting about tsu! Or you can use Blogs - /blogs/ and write your own blog (You can write about anything there). So: keep forums clean don't post your invitation link once you set up your signature - /topic/3-promote-your-tsu-code/ discuss all about tsu on the forums write anything on blogs (if it will be tsu related = bonus for you) Hope you will all enjoy these forums!
  2. newnews

    My name is Pramod Upadhye

    Hello, Friends ... My name is Pramod Upadhye and I am from India. I am here. why? Because, you are here. Without people, friends, followers you can’t enjoy this beautiful life (sites). That is a crazy part which attracts towards this social media. I enjoy tsu like you. Money is interesting thing everybody like this. I am also one of those people who wants to earn from such media. Thanks and find me on tsu with newnews.
  3. Na jèt

    Najet from Tunisia

    Hi I'm Najet from Tunisia i'm student my goal is to help people; to get a good job too......... My hobbies are drawing, cooking too In TSU it's raaaaaaaaaaaare to find people from my country; hope that tsu will be known in Tunisia that's me Thank You http://www.tsu.co/NajetAk
  4. rabia farooq shaikh

    My name is RABIA

    HI EVERYONE... My name is RABIA FAROOQ SHAIKH .... i am married and have 1 kid.... i love him so much... i m a housewife,,, on tsu i am making new friends daily and always feel free to express my feeling... here i am enjoying a lot than other social networks... love tsu... Hope tsu will become grand and those persons who are saying that this is ugly to join tsu will become it's part.... Thank You... http://www.tsu.co/rabifantasi