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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, my tsu earnings started to grow more quickly after I followed the advice of our member Nerdgenetics (/topic/131-interacting-with-followers-and-friends/). It is very important to interact with your Followers and Friends. You have much bigger chance people will start follow you or sending you a friend request which means they will see your own content. I would suggest you to be genuine and not using "spammy" interaction. Comments like "very nice", "cool", "good", etc. are useless. Add your own oppinion, create a genuine communication...
  2. elektro

    From: HOW TO EARN?

    Source: HOW TO EARN?
  3. Hello, On tsu, as you know, you are paid just to do what you do on facebook or twitter, write, share and socialise! A great way to grow your family tree in tsu, and earn even more, is by using the facebook and twitter buttons on your posts and share them automatically on those 2 social media sites . posts that convince others to follow you, and be your family, on tsu, are those with your earnings. make screenshots form your bank and share them once a week, for instance. And don't give up! tsu is a growing website and your earnings tend to grow with it Hope that helps! If you want you can follow me on: https://www.tsu.co/sjofre