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Found 5 results

  1. how can i see who i sent friendship and he dont respond? because after i add 10 freiend tsu say that i have reach the limit and i think i have much friend requestes who dont respond Thanks
  2. For me, the biggest improvement that can be made on Tsu is the ability to manage Connections - eg 1. Friends - couple of issues - you can't see when they've last been active, you can't sort the list alphabetically, you can't see when someone has changed their @shortname, etc, you can't add a note to their information 2. Following - again you can see the last time they were active, you can't sort the list alphabetically, you can't add a note to their information 3. Tree Management - as above plus you can't see without opening which have added children, etc 4. Pending Friend Requests
  3. I've been thinking about this issue for quite some time. When I first joined Tsu, a lot of people de-friended me saying they only wanted to Friend people they knew, and therefore I had to follow them instead to see their feed (eg the things they posted)... As I approached the 1,000 friend level, it became very apparent to me that Friends are more valuable than Followers because there is the reciprocity of seeing each other's posts. Now that I have 5k friends, my feed is constantly full - eg every couple of minutes there are at least 500 more posts... and it is the luck of the d
  4. What is your thinking of the differences between friending and following? For me, Friending provides the reciprocity opportunities - eg following is only one-way.. Which is great if you are a major celebrity but surely we are all all equals here... I find have to clear down all the people I'm following on a semi-regular basis as we aren't engaging. Has anyone else found this? Besides limiting who can see you social accounts and posting to your page are there any other real benefits of FOLLOW only relationships? I'm serious about understanding this!
  5. To set a good post on TSU often use a variety of programs. My desire is to publish them here and comment. We learn from each other, let's communities. Here I suggest editing software, easy to use and free. Jing I use, and below you can see one of the ideas. Be creative and I hope that will help you grow your network. (P.S. on page Download the first link ). Here's an example of what it looks like picture decorated with this program.
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