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Found 5 results

  1. To get more followers on tsu, you need to always follow the best practice. Tsu is NOT a place for things like "Follow for follow", "Like for like", etc. Maybe you have seen this behavior on Instagram or other social media sites but remember - tsu is different. Content is King - Always First you have to understand what is the fundamental reason that brings people to your page - it is your Original & Unique content which they can't see anywhere else. Original, unique & creative content will attract the real audience which will earn you money on tsu. This is a long term strategy and it will pay off in the future. I strongly recommend you to take your phone or camera and start to be creative. Take a selfie, record a video, make a gif or whatever. There are millions of ways to create something. You will get better over time and the quality of your content will improve, trust me. And the better your content is, the more followers on tsu you will get. Or you can be a curator - you can share interesting articles with your audience. In such a case, always add your own opinion to the article so people can participate in a real discussion with you. Add value. If you will post Google images and if you will try to capture people's attention with pictures that everyone has seen thousand times, you will not amaze anyone and you will get banned soon. Remember - you can't earn money from other's people work and their images. Tsu uncompromisingly bans people who post Google images and copyrighted material. Keep It Real Tsu is a place for authentic and organic engagement. Understand it like a real world. Don't bother people with asking for a share or following you back. You wouldn't do that in a real world. Don't post one word comments all the time because you wouldn't do that in a real world. Be genuine and make a real connections - ask meaningful questions, participate in discussions, explore the world with tsu. There is so many interesting and creative people from all around the world to get inspiration from. Forget the money part and be real. The social network is made by people. Unfortunately, many people forget their real world behavior when the money is involved. Many people try to spam and annoy other people just to get attention and earn few cents. This is not allowed and you will get banned soon for such a behavior. My recommendation is to be as real as possible - people want to know your real thoughts, your ideas, how you live or what you eat. Don't hide behind a Google image and use your real life photo as a profile picture. Share your life with us and you will be noticed. There is always someone in this big world who is interested in you! That is the real way to get more followers on tsu. Make a circle of friends and enjoy the tsu with them! Quality Over Quantity This is very important. To get more followers on tsu, you can't be annoying to others. It's enough to post a few times a day in a different times. It's not a good idea to post the same picture of a building 15 times within 5 minutes. Spread your posts into a reasonable timetable and post only your best content. Education Always educate other people on the network. If you see a bad behavior of some user, be kind and help him or her to learn the basic principles of tsu. Use your words and educate others as much as you can. You can support your words with linking to an official tsu FAQ. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me in the comments below...
  2. I have found this profile today and it looks very interesting. You can see day by day stats on how much net new followers the top users get. Check it out here - http://www.tsu.co/ESTIMATOR
  3. Really simple but useful trick on how to get 5-10 firend requests and followers in about 5 minutes. In the next five minutes after i was done recording this video i had another 10 friend requests and another follower. Sorry for the bad audio. I will try to find a better recording solution. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fchvlkUgz-U&list=UUDdheZCX_AEHhkX4Mlyx46w Im not sure if i should post this on my tsu wall. I got a content warning the other day saying that tutorials concerning earning tips are not allowed. I don´t know if this falls under this criteria.
  4. Friends If you are friends with a user, than each of you automatically follow each other, and you will share both levels of content in your feeds (‘Public’ and ‘Friends Only’ posts). We do not yet have ‘Private’ or ‘Restricted’ options to control content visibility to Friends. We suggest only befriending people you actually know or want to know. Trust us on this one! Followers If you follow a user, you can see their ‘Public’ posts. Users you follow will not see your ‘Public’ posts unless they choose to follow you. Likewise you can have Followers that you choose not to Follow. Advice Hope that helps.At TSU, I do not have any friends that follow. Simple 5000 + 1000, if you follow a thousand friends less people see your post.
  5. For the first time in the history of one social network divides his earnings with members. When I heard about it I said: "ugly joke, who would have shared their money with me?". When asked "have you heard of TSU?", I did not know what it is.But being a skeptic means check something. And I decided to check on'll tell my friends, is worth the effort. I found a lot of good sides of new social networks and began a series of friendships. I saw great posts and admired the ingenious authors, here I have not experienced discomfort or envy, and my impression is that this is a collection of bright individuals in good tinkered community. As of this moment more was not my earnings in the first place, I prefer the attitude with good people. TSU is a social network that encourages socializing and creates strong bonds, because there I spend more and more time. Do you want to experience the atmosphere that you must have an invitation, perhaps this is the reason. You are not going to call the enemy in your network, you will call relatives and friends, right? Be my friend and take up your invitation.
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