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Found 12 results

  1. Hi folks! My name is M.AHmad Bilaal. Explain how we can earn moneythrough this site?
  2. I have two tsu account. If I use same browser or laptop with same wifi, I can unfollow like 500 people from one account but I am supposed to unfollow 500 people from my second account too. Why I cant unfollow from 2nd account? do you have any explanation?
  3. I have been following 700 people in tsu. Last night, I followed around 500 people , that was kind of quicker. After 700 , follower button does not work anymore. Sofar, I can not follow anybody now. But If I try from cellphone network, it works. Whats the reason for this and How can I fix this problem> Do you have any idea?
  4. Does anyone know how the Discover Users Section works? I have to admit that I have pretty much ignored it. However one of my children questioned how the page worked - he thought it wasn't fair that you had to follow someone before being able to visit their profile from the page before deciding. When he did go to the trouble of visiting people in a new window by hand, he queried why there were people on the list who had not been active in more than a month. Does anyone have any contacts who can provide some answers to the following questions: 1. What is the process for being included in the Discover Users list? 2. How does the order of the list work? - eg how do they match the list to the current user viewing the list - is everyone's the same or are they tailored to sex, age, location? 3. Who do you contact for more info? / reporting inactive users etc? 4. What else do I need to know?
  5. For me, the biggest improvement that can be made on Tsu is the ability to manage Connections - eg 1. Friends - couple of issues - you can't see when they've last been active, you can't sort the list alphabetically, you can't see when someone has changed their @shortname, etc, you can't add a note to their information 2. Following - again you can see the last time they were active, you can't sort the list alphabetically, you can't add a note to their information 3. Tree Management - as above plus you can't see without opening which have added children, etc 4. Pending Friend Requests (eg the ones in your in-box) - you can only see the last ~ 20 invites - eg from the newest rather than getting the whole list or putting it in oldest first order, you cannot "save for answer" later so you can scroll through... This might sound like splitting hairs, but I had nearly 300 outstanding invitations to answer and had to accept the latter ones rather than rewarding the ones who just spotted you. Is this preventing me from making money? At this point no. It does however mean that there is a huge overhead on the admin side to hold things outside of Tsu.
  6. Hi all, my tsu earnings started to grow more quickly after I followed the advice of our member Nerdgenetics (/topic/131-interacting-with-followers-and-friends/). It is very important to interact with your Followers and Friends. You have much bigger chance people will start follow you or sending you a friend request which means they will see your own content. I would suggest you to be genuine and not using "spammy" interaction. Comments like "very nice", "cool", "good", etc. are useless. Add your own oppinion, create a genuine communication...
  7. @TruthPrevails is also one to follow. He's not on the Top 50 list yet, but he posts good content. He has made a post of the best times to post on Tsu..this is an essential read if you want to maximise the number of page views your posts get. That post is at: https://www.tsu.co/TruthPrevails/12678009 He is at 190 shares so if you have not reposted it, you might want to consider extending a bit of good-will. He is a loyal participant. For those of us based outside US/Japan/India, he is also an important contact - he is in Europe - eg Central European Time (I think that this is what it is called).
  8. What is your thinking of the differences between friending and following? For me, Friending provides the reciprocity opportunities - eg following is only one-way.. Which is great if you are a major celebrity but surely we are all all equals here... I find have to clear down all the people I'm following on a semi-regular basis as we aren't engaging. Has anyone else found this? Besides limiting who can see you social accounts and posting to your page are there any other real benefits of FOLLOW only relationships? I'm serious about understanding this!
  9. I'm a big believer in setting goals within the available parameters. The income is out of my control, and it is merely a function dependent on page views and possibly post activity (some claim that likes and comments earn money)... I have not seen the details, so I'm assuming that this is equal across all users.... So let's park earnings. So What kind of Goal can you set? ----- My first goal was to reach 5k Friends - tick - done in 4 weeks. I found that if I was genuine and outgoing I could friend almost anyone who was playing by the rules (no spam, no porn, etc) My next Goal is 100k Followers - it is part of a larger goal which I've bitten it down into bite sized, attainable chunks. Can you guess what my larger goal is? My Tsu id number is over 750,000 and I've been the site for nearly a month. I reckon there must be at least 2 million users already. So getting 100k followers looks attainable. I might take a little longer than I'd like, but I believe that if I continue to play by the rules and offer genuine content that they will come. Over time, I'm expecting some of my followers to become friends - there will be those who drop out or break the rules. You might think that this is too big a chunk to bite off from where I am. If you do, please let me know what challenges you think I will face or what else I need to consider. Right now even @Sebastian is only at 81k followers, so no one yet has discovered the "magic" formula... Perhaps there isn't one. I welcome every bit of advice you can offer me along the way, and I promise to extend my help along the way.
  10. "Christine DeGraff is an entrepreneur w/17 yrs experience in web development, SEO and Internet marketing and a co-founder of http://www.circloscope.com." (tsu quote) one of the very early tsu adopters, posting interesting & original content. officially tsu approved. tsu profile: https://www.tsu.co/ChristineDeGraff
  11. He is one of my new "kids", started yesterday and he is active. So give him a hand and follow him, or ask friendship : Aszrul Repi
  12. Hello, On tsu, as you know, you are paid just to do what you do on facebook or twitter, write, share and socialise! A great way to grow your family tree in tsu, and earn even more, is by using the facebook and twitter buttons on your posts and share them automatically on those 2 social media sites . posts that convince others to follow you, and be your family, on tsu, are those with your earnings. make screenshots form your bank and share them once a week, for instance. And don't give up! tsu is a growing website and your earnings tend to grow with it Hope that helps! If you want you can follow me on: https://www.tsu.co/sjofre
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