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Found 16 results

  1. Tsu versus Facebook comparsion: Facebook earns billions from advertising and keeps 100% in their pockets vs tsu gives 90% from advertising revenue back to the users. Back to you! When you publish content on Facebook, they own it vs All the content you publish on tsu is just yours! It took Facebook 8 months to reach 1 million users vs It took 5 weeks to reach 1 million users on tsu! Facebook automatically calculates which content they will show you vs on tsu you see what you are subscribed for (or what you follow)
  2. Youface - Social & Payment Network A social network is a good alternative tsu.co. You get money for activities and invited friends via your link. The entire network while working as facebook. After registering, you will find your earnings at: https://youface.cz/setting/affiliates (There you will find even your affiliate link) You can try out for yourself App Youface for Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.youface.cz App Youface for Windows: http://bit.ly/2cVw0j6 You can register here: https://youface.cz/?ref=jbocek
  3. If you use Facebook or Twitter, this tutorial will help you to connect these social media with your tsu profile. What does it mean for you? You can post your status updates on tsu only. It will automatically appear on Facebook or Twitter If you have verified identity on Facebook or Twitter, you will be automatically verified on tsu, too. So let's do it: 1. Click 'Settings' in the top right corner: 2. Click 'Social Accounts' in the top right menu: 3. Connect the desired social network (eg. Twitter, Facebook or Instagram) 4. Fill in your Twitter/Facebook/Instagram log in details and follow the guide. 5. Once you complete the guide successfully, you should see something like this: Yes, you can follow us on Twitter now @TsuforumCom!
  4. It seems that the block has been lifted! My posts that were previously removed by Facebook are back. Tsu have not restored the option to cross-post there, but people should be able to post their invitation link on FB. I hope to see a boost in new users now. http://www.tsu.co/Sebastian/100916126
  5. It's been a month since the last press about tsu and maybe another wave is here. WhatsApp - a mesagging service owned by Facebook - is now blocking its direct competitor Telegram. Telegram claims to have 50M active monthly users so this censorship can generate quite a lot of buzz. Articles reporting about this censorhip mention tsu as well. Good for us... https://news.google.com/news/story?ncl=ds854NqehA4NvWMcBBo7VQmv2fzPM&q=tsu.co&lr=English&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjm6OOo-brJAhVr83IKHewcD_4QqgIIKTAA
  6. Jika Anda menggunakan Facebook atau Twitter, tutorial ini akan membantu Anda untuk menghubungkan media sosial dengan profil tsu Anda. Anda cukup memposting/update status Anda di tsu. Ini akan otomatis muncul di Facebook atau Twitter Jika Anda telah diverifikasi identitas di Facebook atau Twitter, Anda akan secara otomatis diverifikasi pada tsu, juga. Ikuti langkah-langkah dibawah ini : 1. 'Setting' Klik di sudut kanan atas: 2. Klik 'Social Accounts' di menu kanan atas: 3. "Connect" atau hubungkan jaringan sosial yang diinginkan (misalnya. Twitter, Facebook atau Instagram) 4. Masuk ke akun Twitter / Facebook / Instagram Anda dalam rincian dan ikuti panduan. 5. Setelah Anda menyelesaikan panduan berhasil, Anda akan melihat sesuatu seperti ini: Ya, Anda dapat mengikuti kami di Twitter @TsuforumCom!
  7. By creating your own Facebook page, you can simply share all the posts from your tsu feed directly to Facebook. If you add 'Register button' people who visit your page will register with your Short Code. Instruction: 1. Create your own Facebook page How to create Facebook page (3 simple steps)See tsuforum's Facebook page (you can have this, too!) 2. Add register button Add Register Button to your Facebook page (it should look like the picture below) 3. Link your Facebook page with tsu See this simple tutorial to link your accounts (by doing this, you can post on Facebook directly from tsu) then, your Facebook posts will include tsu Invitation:
  8. I have found @JonDunn's diary interesting document from very early days of advertising on Facebook: https://www.dropbox.com/s/5klrw0zewdzru20/Facebook%20First%20Proposal%204.18.05.doc?dl=0
  9. What do you think? How long it will take tsu to grow to the size of Facebook?
  10. All, I came across an issue when I had to update my Facebook password. For "security" purposes, it would not let me use the current password. Result: Tsu error messages every time I tried to post to FB. How I fixed it: ==> Disconnect your FB account in Tsu and then reconnect it with your new password. Why is this important? ==> With the new FB terms, many people are being asked to validate passwords and it is easy to get into the trap that you have to actually set up a NEW FB password. This is a problem for Tsu because instead of asking me to verify my password, it came up with lots of error codes... I use Tsu to post directly to FB every time rather than spend any time in FB - I hope others are being to be like me!
  11. Just read this article (http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2014/12/the-fall-of-facebook/382247/) from Alexis C. Madrigal, in The Atlantic website, regarding the future of social media and, in particular, the probable downfall of Facebook. A clear opportunity for new social media like TSU. It is a very interesting read, even without mentioning TSU directly.
  12. When you find an interesting person, send a message similar to the following. Replace the red field and optionally adjust the message. Hey ______, _____ Here I really love your _________name page_______ & wanted to thank you for sharing such great content about the ___ideas page___. You would make a killing on Tsu. I searched for your page over there & nothing came up. I assume you don't have one yet. Your TSU link Tsu is a social media site that pays you for your likes, comments & shares. They just launched a little over a month ago so its a great time to beat out all your competition. Hurry, it's the talk of the industry right now & millions are leaving FB per day. See for yourself below Your TSU link Great Brand Love your Page... __signature____________ Good luck calling and a lot of kids want!
  13. Event on facebook - ticket for TSU 1.open on facebook your home page 2.on the left you have the event link, click on the event 3.on the left you create a link, click on create 4.will open a new window "Create New Event" 5.write NAME: "new social network ......" 6.write DETAILS: Here are paid share, post, ads...your link...incredibly, check and earn money! 7.PRIVACY: change in PUBLIC 8.click on blue create 9.And that's it, if you want you can even now set invent for your friends 10.I wish you luck and add me as a friend on TSU
  14. 25 TSU SHARE 1. Include your invite URL in a Facebook status. 2. Add your invite URL to your Facebook profile (about me) page. 3. Include your invite URL in a Twitter status. 4. Add your invite URL to your Twitter profile. 5. Include your invite URL in a Google Plus status. 6. Add your invite URL to your Google Plus profile (about me) page. 7. Include your invite URL in a Linkedin status. 8. Add your invite URL to your contact information section on Linkedin. 9. Pin your tsu images on Pinterest and add your invite URL. 10. Add your invite URL to your Pinterest profile. 11. Post your invite URL on your favourite forum and let people know why you love tsu. 12. Email family and friends to let them know how tsuperb this new social network site is (either use the built in feature or email your invite URL through your regular email client) 13. Use tsu's built in feature to also post to Facebook and Twitter (when people click to view the post they will see your sign up page) 14. Engage with relevant blog posts (about social media, technology, making money) , add value to the discussion with a thoughtful comment and give people the chance to sign up to tsu by using your link. (you can start by typing the following into Google: inurl:blog intitle:social networks) 15. Add your invite URL to your email signature. 16. Add a link to your invite URL from your website or blog. 17. Send your invite URL to Skype contacts. 18. Send your invite URL to other IM services (Msn, Yahoo etc) 19. Tell your colleagues about tsu and offer to send them an invite. 20. Tell your boss about tsu and offer to send an invite. Should the business have a tsu account? 21. Share your Tsu posts to Facebook and Twitter too using the built in feature (this will include a link to your post which may drive sign-ups). 22. Add your invite URL to a forum signature where you participate. 23. Send your invite URL via text message to your phone contacts. 24. Add your invite URL to offline printed media (if you are a business) 25. Graffiti your invite URL to walls and bridges (ok, of course I'm joking with this one, but get creative online and offline and you'll soon start to see your network grow!) The most important thing, do not lose focus that this repeat from day to day, and teach your children to do the same (example, no whip)!
  15. Hello, On tsu, as you know, you are paid just to do what you do on facebook or twitter, write, share and socialise! A great way to grow your family tree in tsu, and earn even more, is by using the facebook and twitter buttons on your posts and share them automatically on those 2 social media sites . posts that convince others to follow you, and be your family, on tsu, are those with your earnings. make screenshots form your bank and share them once a week, for instance. And don't give up! tsu is a growing website and your earnings tend to grow with it Hope that helps! If you want you can follow me on: https://www.tsu.co/sjofre
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