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Found 61 results

  1. Laiky

    How to earn

    Video about earnings on WowApp, check this
  2. Tom Peace

    My WowApp earnings

    My earnings look like this after about three weeks on WowApp. I will be hopefully able to cash out in Q1 of 2016 and once I'm paid, I will definitely share a proof with you The network graph looks like this. Seems like earnings grow faster than network when I see those graphs along each other.
  3. Laiky


    My earnings on WowApp, it really works
  4. steevc

    Over $1 per day

    In my time on Tsu I've not had many days where I made more than $1. I have 3700 followers and 850 children, but I was mainly earning from whatever views I could get on my posts and that would only be around 50-70 per post. That changed over Xmas when I gained some children who have been active and are getting lots of views. I hit a peak of $2 on Xmas day. That's from just a couple of children out of the hundreds. If even 10% were active I'd have a nice little income. I got my first payout at the start of December, which took over a year to earn. It looks like the next one couple come in a couple of months. Tsu really does work, but there are still issues with retaining users. http://www.tsu.co/post/104850938
  5. Like yesterday, my royalties haven't yet arrived today... Is anyone else having the same problem?
  6. Interesting screen from the young photographer - http://www.tsu.co/martin_ku/101296783 Worth to check the hashtah #walletwednesday for more.
  7. This guy brought the whole Pakistan on tsu and his earnings are adequate to this https://instagram.com/p/9LHUgdrjIH/?taken-by=waqarzaka
  8. In this section, we can post all sorts of earnings. If you see some interesting screenshot of tsu bank statement of some user, you can post the link here. This can be very useful because of two reasons: We will gradually create big database of proofs that tsu works. For example, you can show this part of forum to your friends if they have some doubts. These screens may be great inspiration for all of us - just by seeing what is possible to earn, we can remove our limits in our minds I would just make 1 rule to this section - post only earnings higher than $1. I think it'll be good to have this threshold so the section won't be overloaded with $0.05 earnings, etc. Which is something that almost every user can achieve after some time on tsu. There is no need to prove this sort of earnings. Good idea from Steve was to also attach the number of foriends and followers to the post. This can be good source of info if we look at the screenshots in the future.
  9. She is making these amounts consistently - http://www.tsu.co/beyondeee/80961268very good job, Laura!
  10. After 6 months with just one child, xoxo has achieved beatufil result - http://www.tsu.co/Frugalmommaxoxo/80710755
  11. Julia Ja has made a nice collage about her progress on tsu. As usual, it's all about original content and activity of your network. She says she is averaging between 3-4 dollars per day. http://www.tsu.co/msjools/80591816
  12. She is verified user and has about 111 friends and 14k followers now. http://www.tsu.co/angelapaz/81122026
  13. Tom Peace

    $240.43 per Day

    This is Pascal's legendary screen. http://www.tsu.co/pascaln/63244439
  14. He's claiming to cash out $100 every 4 weeks - http://www.tsu.co/AnthonyPhillips/75403601
  15. He is not active much and I guess all of his earnings comes from his network - http://www.tsu.co/domain1/61278770
  16. The great thing about her is that she has second account under UnitedDonations - http://www.tsu.co/stonerrbabe/72382089. She currently has 1044 Friends & 682 Followers - the reason of these earnings is her tsu contest - #ILoveTsupostzz her posts went viral.
  17. http://www.tsu.co/Producers/71678835 (4985 Friends & 3581 Followers)
  18. http://www.tsu.co/arielj1983/71079078 (300 Friends & 4497 Followers)
  19. http://www.tsu.co/RockStarMVP/71645402- (474 Friends & 949 Followers at the time of this screen)
  20. http://www.tsu.co/xxsweetcharlottexx/71249094(he claims to do this without children)
  21. http://www.tsu.co/JessBlevins/60242361 (all of these money went to charity for Nepal)
  22. Tom Peace

    $19.19 per Day

  23. http://www.tsu.co/toddfalzone/70960009
  24. http://www.tsu.co/Ferrarii_Tes/70792863(he mentions his brother who is responsible for these earnings, that means he may earn about $40+ per day)
  25. Couldn´t find the post in my Diary but here it is on my Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/xjumowa/posts/1599930076917481